Spring Blooms

So we are obsessed with flower arrangements around here and you can constantly hear us saying "LOOK AT HER BOUQUET!" when brides send us their wedding pictures.  So because "April Showers bring May Flowers" we asked one of our fave gal pals, and fellow #bossbabes, Jamie Fairman, to give us the low down on Spring Blooms!  Jamie is one of the heartbeats behind State & Arrow Design Co. as well as the owner of Forage, the local Frankfort Ave. house plant shop/studio.  So being an amazingly talented florist, event designer, and self proclaimed Crazy Plant Lady, we thought she was the best expert to give you this info!  

What flowers are unique to the Spring Season? Flowers that may be hard to source at other times of the year.

Spring is by far the best season for flowers! Everything is coming back to life and there are so many unique options that are only available for a few short months. The most unique flowers I love to utilize during this time include: Icelandic Poppies, Lilac, Peonies, Ranunculus, Hellebores, Cherry Blossom, Spirea, Dogwood, and Anemones.

You can get a few of these bloom throughout the year, as we are able to source them from growers all over the world, however, it comes at a price, of course. Spring weddings are hands down my favorite for all of these accessible blooms!

 Photo by  Sarah Katherine Davis  | Flowers by  State + Arrow

Photo by Sarah Katherine Davis | Flowers by State + Arrow

Any tips for brides planning to use any of these Spring Flowers.  Are any of them finicky or need special care?  Things brides should keep in mind if they are choosing certain flowers for their Spring Weddings?

You should really rely on professional floral designers for how to best care for and treat these flowers prior to using them in arrangements. There are some flowers that just can't be used in all of your pieces. Proper processing is important to the longevity of your flowers but also the bloom stage at your wedding. As a floral designer, I want to make sure your flowers are in the prime bloom stage but this doesn't come without the work and treatment of each stem. 

Couture Closet-State + Arrow-Kentucky Florist

Anything trending this Spring in the flower world?

Personally, because it is such a special time for flowers, I like to utilize a lot of foraged products in my designs. The blooming branches and immature foliage are the best and they are the unique touches I like to give to my arrangements. Take the impromptu Blossoming Pear Branches I used for this rad Couture Closet Shoot. (AWWWW!!! BLUSHING OVER HERE!)

 Photo by  Love Hunters  | Wall Florals by  Jamie with State + Arrow

Photo by Love Hunters | Wall Florals by Jamie with State + Arrow

What is your personal favorite Spring bloom? 

Do I just have to pick one? Probably Lilacs. Their smell is heavenly and the texture is just pure perfection!  

Lilacs State+Arrow.jpg

Where can people find you or contact with you?

The best place to see our most recent work is on Instagram @stateandarrow but definitely make your way over to our website (www.stateandarrow.com) to get a feel for our style of floristry and to see if it is a good fit for you. Or you can pop on over to Forage, our sister shop, on Frankfort Ave. come on in and introduce yourself!  (Disclaimer from Couture Closet... You will become addicted to house plants when you go visit Jamie at Forage.  I want to own all of the plants now. LOL!  You can also follow the Forage shop in IG @forageplants)

 Jamie Fairman with  State + Arrow  and Forage | Photo by  Love Hunters

Jamie Fairman with State + Arrow and Forage | Photo by Love Hunters

Thank you Jamie!!!!  We are so happy we are in the same little Wedding Vendor Tribe and even happier to call you a friend!  We love you and the work you do! You are just one of the sweetest people we know and you are one talented lady!!! 

XOXO, The Couture Closet Gals