rachel + Kevin {married}

With this super cold weather around here and the dregs of Winter upon us, we find ourselves wishing for outdoor wedding season!  If we are thinking this, we know you are too so here is a wedding from this past June and it brings all the warm summer feelings to us and brightens up these grey days we have been having! And lets be honest, there is nothing prettier than an early summer Kentucky Wedding!

These two are just the cutest by the way! When Rachel came into the shop she found her dress right away and she knew Kevin would just love it!  I think she was right because there was a picture of Kevin wiping away some tears (stay tuned for that picture next week when we do a blog post on all these handsome grooms our brides are marrying!)

Congrats Rachel + Kevin!  We wish you years of happiness, love, and adventure!!!

xoxo, The Couture Closet Gals

Ti Adora+Couture Closet+Rachel+Dave+Ebby
Couture Closet+Ti Adora+Maids+Rachel+Ebby
Couture Closet+FG+Rachel+Ti Adora+Ebby
Ti Adora+Couture Closet+Rachel+Ebby+BW
Couture Closet+Ti Adora+Ceremony+Ebby
Couture Closet+Rachel+Details+Ebby
Couture Closet+First Dance+Ti Adora+ Ebby
Couture Closet+Toasts+Rachel+Ebby
Couture Closet+Horse Fence+Kentucky+Rachel+Ebby
Couture Closet+Ti Adora+Kissing+ Horse Field+Ebby

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Photography: Ebby L Photography // Dress Designer: Ti Adora // Venue: Family Home

blake + matthew {married}

Blake and Matthew started their relationship through Twitter of all places!  They both had a mutual Twitter friend.  Blake wasn't too familiar with the platform and one day Matthew retweeted one of Blake's tweets and she promptly asked if she knew him.  A modern day love story for sure! :)

Matthew took her horse back riding on his family farm for their first date and Blake said she knew she would never date any one else, ever again!  Matthew proposed at the couples home with their dogs in his arms and after that the rest is history!

After the proposal we got to meet this red haired beauty when she came in to our shop and found the absolutely perfect dress for her farm wedding!  From the unique neckline and back to the stunning belt she added this lady couldn't have been more beautiful!  And can we take a moment to talk about their wedding venue!  Old Blue Ribbon Farm gets an A+ for stunning views in our book!  You can't ask for much more, a stunning day, a stunning bride, a handsome groom and lots of love!

Congrats Blake and Matthew!  We wish you many years of Love, Laughter, and Adventure!

xoxo, The Couture Closet Gals


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Photography: Jessica Bradford Photography // Dress + Belt: Lis Simon // Flowers: Schultz's // DJ: Jack Gill // Venue: Old Blue Ribbon Farm // Videographer: Will Campbell // Hair and MU: Studio151 // Coordinators: Melissa + Lori with L&M Detailed Events // Catering: Louis Karem

allyson + david {married}

We are always so flattered when a Louisville Wedding Professional trusts us in styling them for their wedding!  So when Allyson from Essential Details came in for her appointment we were so thrilled!  We had already styled one of the other Essential Details gals, Devanny {click here to see her story}, so we were so excited to see what Allyson would choose!  

Allyson and David were married in Lexington at the Livery {ummmm.... and they are smooching on the front page of the Livery's website}, and their wedding was so fabulous and so beautiful that we will do a future blog just on her decor next week hopefully. {EDIT: CLICK HERE TO SEE THE DETAILS!}

Congratulations Y'all!  We wish you a lifetime of Love, Laughter, and Adventure!

Words from The Bride:

One day in Lexington, KY in the fall of 2013, I got off work early and one of my best friends convinced me to meet her and some other people at Pazzos for Pint Night. I didn’t really want to go but I randomly decided I should suck it up and go because I got off early and never get to do things like this during the week. My friend found out that one of her friends was sitting outside on the patio and she wanted to go and say hi. She pulled me outside with her to socialize. Sitting with her friend was one of his roommates. We were introduced and well, I think you can guess the rest. Everyone will tell you I was picky, to the point of just being ridiculous. Yet, something felt different about David. He asked my best friend for my number after we had left, hung out that weekend (which was his birthday), and went on our first date shortly after!  

We were sitting in Starbucks one day when I randomly took a picture (something I tend to do, you get used to it eventually …), and I told him I wouldn’t post it since he was going home that weekend and he wouldn’t have to participate in a game of 20 questions from his family. He then responded with “I was hoping I could just tell them you were my girlfriend …” which made me smile.

He moved back to Cincinnati after he graduated that December while I was still in Lexington. Not long after, I moved back to Louisville for my job. We were long distance for a year and a half. Looking back, I wouldn’t trade that for anything! We became very close to each other’s families and had so much fun getting to know each other in our most comfortable environments. We learned a lot about each other. He then got a wonderful job in Louisville and we were able to enjoy finally being in the same city.

In July of 2016, we drove up to Cincinnati to spend the weekend there. I planned the trip so we could go to IKEA to get David a new couch. David had other plans. After much convincing (we were running really late), he got me to go with him to take his family dog on a walk in Ault Park. I was confused why he brought his backpack for a leisurely walk in the park. He tried to convince me that he brought a bunch of stuff for the dog, which confused me even more, so I stopped asking questions. After almost ruining his plan several times by changing course or asking too many questions (my bad), we finally stopped in front of the staircase and fountain at the park and he told me the dog was thirsty and began rummaging through his backpack. I took the leash thinking there is no way we walked enough to make the dog thirsty, then I turn around and he was on one knee. I would tell you the rest, but I am pretty sure we both blacked out because neither one of us remembers what he said. I am pretty sure I stood with my hand over my mouth trying to figure out what was going on. It wasn’t until I was wondering why he was still kneeling on the ground that I realized I hadn’t said anything! I quickly said yes! His sister and brother walked over out of nowhere, and apparently my parents were already at David’s parents’ house waiting on us! And yes, we still went to IKEA … everyone actually went and I just was more easily distracted and on cloud nine the entire shopping trip.

Our little love story is so special to us. We have so many wonderful memories and stories, as every couple does, and we made sure to include little parts and pieces of our favorite moments in our wedding weekend! All of the planning was all worth it once that wedding weekend was here! The excitement and love that we felt that entire weekend was indescribable and memories we will cherish forever!

xoxo, The Couture Closet Gals


Photography: Bradley Quinn Photography // Dress: Blush by Hayley Paige // Videographey: Rickard Visual Media // Venue: The Livery Lexington // Coordination, Design & Rentals: Essential Details (of course!) // Hair & Make Up: Primp Style Lounge

haleigh + mark {married}

We can't wait for you to see these pictures of Haleigh and Mark's wedding!  I mean ROMANCE!!!  We were lucky enough to style both Haleigh and her twin sister Gabby about a year a part {click here to see her too!}. Both of them leaned toward the boho romantic vibe and both achieved it like whoa! 

Congrats Haleigh and Mark! We wish you a lifetime of Love, Laughter, and Adventure!

xo, The Couture Closet Gals

Words from the Bride:

To my KICK ASS Couture Closet team,  <---- We think this has a nice ring to it! ;)

Mark and I met working together on a marketing project in college. He was the only group member that helped me put the paper together, so I figured he was probably alright. That and our mutual love for Ryan Adams launched a two year friendship prior to dating. Eventually it turned into more than just friendship, and we spent another three years as a couple until he proposed at the top of Pikes Peak in Colorado after a pretty sketchy climb. I may or may not have cried from joy and exhaustion. Worth it. Our wedding day was a reflection of us and our relationship. We wanted to be outside, surrounded by the beautiful scenery as we both love nature. We also wanted a small, low-key wedding with all of our closest family and friends. My uncle officiated an intimate ceremony, and we chose to write our own vows to express our love for one another. We had the BEST time, complete with him wearing a fur wrap on the dance floor and me doing the splits to a Backstreet Boys song. Let's just say that after dinner, we got TURNT. Isn't that the way it should be? Being married is fantastic, and it would not have been the same without my gorgeous dress to make the day all the more perfect. Here are a few pictures to show off the goods! 


Photography: Photography & Design by Lauren // Dress: Lillian West // Venue: Farmington Historic Plantation // Hair & Make Up: Carley Randall // Florist: Nanz & Kraft

libby + brian {married}

You are just going to love the stunning pictures from this beautiful and classic bride Libby.  She sent us these pictures a few months ago and we have been dying to share them with you!  She sent us a sweet little note along with the pictures that we want to share, and Libby, we LOLed at the shades of white comment!  Until you get married or work in the wedding dress industry you will never know just how many shades of white there are!  

Libby and Brian, congratulations and we wish you many years of Love, Laughter, and Adventure!

From the Bride:

To the ladies of Couture Closet, 

I want to give you all a HUGE thank you! Thank you for taking the the time to help me find my perfect dress and veil and thank you for being so understanding when I couldn't make up my mind for the life of me on the color of white I wanted. In no other instance in life does one struggle so much with what shade of white they want haha. As a former wedding planner it was extremely different to be in the role of "Bride". With all of the thousands of decisions to be made you all made selecting the dress an easy one! You took the time to listed to what I was looking for and then picked dresses that I might not have ever tired on because you knew what they would look like on. The dress I ultimately selected was one that you all picked for me and from the moment I tried it on I didn't want to get out of it. I certainly can't leave out the veil because I think I loved it as much as I loved the dress! 

Once all of the planning was finished and the big day was here it all came together perfectly! What was supposed to be a day of rain from sunrise to sunset turned out to be a gorgeous day and the rain held off until we were inside for dinner! In the morning while the bridal party was getting ready everything seemed like a blur and hard to believe the day was here. There were only 2 people who knew what the dress looked like, my Mom and my sister, so once I put the dress and veil on and showed my girls it all felt real! My now husband who used to play sports always says "look good, feel good, play good" and that saying fits the day so well. I knew the dress was perfect for me and so I felt good all day which made everything else perfect in our eyes!

I hope you enjoy the photos and I hope so many other brides have as wonderful experience as I did! 

Much Love, Libby and Brian


Photographer: Todd Pellowe // Dress: Lillian West // Church: St. Francis in the Fields // Venue: The Olmsted // Florist: In Bloom Again // Videographer: Red Mark Pictures // Planner: Sheryl Thompson Essential Details

lauren + justin {married}

I just had to share this beautiful couples wedding day pictures!  Lauren came into our shop a couple months before she got engaged just to dream and browse with her friends, and she fell in love with a dress on our mannequin right in the front of our shop.  She came back to visit it 2 more times over those next few months to look at the dress again and the last time, after she left, her friend came back in and said, "she will be back for that dress in a few weeks.  She is getting engaged in a few days and she doesn't know it yet!!!"  Well, sure enough she made an appointment a couple weeks later to try on the dress she had fallen in love with on the mannequin.  During her appointment we were having a Lillian West Trunk Show, and she saw another dress she loved.  While the favorite was beautiful it just couldn't beat the Lillian West dress she chose!  We are so happy that mannequin dress caught her eye because even though it wasn't "the one", she found her perfect dress with us anyway and you can't deny she is one beautiful CC Bride (she is just as beautiful on the inside too)!  

Congrats Lauren & Justin! We wish you years of happiness, love, and adventure!

xo, The Couture Closet Gals


Photographer: Rachael Caines Photography // Dress: Lillian West