parrin + sawyer {married}

We just LOVE LOVE LOVE Parrin and Sawyer's mountain wedding in Asheville.  We are posting a ton of pictures of this wedding and you must check them all out!  There wasn't a detail overlooked, from the twinkling lights, to the Kawasaki vintage motorcycle, we are just in love over here!  Even with all the fabulous details, and the stunning views, this sweet sweet bride and groom were the stars of the show!  We just love the way they look at each other!

Parrin and Saywer, we wish you years and years of Love, Laughter, and Adventure!

xoxo, The Couture Closet Gals

Parrin+Lillian West+Style 6422+Getting Ready
Perrin+Lillian West+Style 6422+Bridal+Beca C
Perrin+Lillian West+Style 6422+Crown+Beca C+Couture Closet
Perrin+Lillian West+Style 6422+Bridesmaids+Beca C+Couture Closet
Sawyer+Beca C+Couture Closet+Groomsmen
Sawyer+Groom+Beca C+Couture Closet
Perrin+FOB+Ceremony+Beca C+Lillian West+ Style 6422+Couture Closet
Perrin+Ceremony+Couture Closet+Lillian West+Style 6422+Beca C
Perrin+Sawyer+Lillian West+Style 6422+Beca C+Couture Closet
Perrin+Sawyer+Leaves+Beca C+Lillian West+Style 6422+Couture Closet
Perrin+Sawyer+Kawasaki+Lillian West+Style 6422+Beca C+Couture Closet
Perrin+reception+Beca C+Couture Closet
Perrin+Sawyer+airstream+Beca C+Couture Closet+Lillian West Style 6422
Parrin+sparklers+Lillian West Style 6422+Beca C+Couture Closet
Parrin+Sawyer+motorcycle+Beca C+Couture Closet
Couture Closet+Blog+Lillian West+Style 6422+Beca C

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Photography: Beca C PHotography // Dress Designer: Lillian West Style 6422 // Flowers: Flora // Venue: Camp Cedar Cliff // Event Planner: Tara Jordan // Videography: Joseph Beckham