ABC's of Wedding Planning

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A, is for....

Announcing your engagement!

Begin talking budgets. If you aren't familiar of prices of certain things i.e. Alterations or photographer. , check out a great wedding planning website. Sometimes it's a sticker shocker if you estimate by just guessing what sounds right. Also, get an idea of a guest list together so can know what venues are even possible size wise.

Channel your and your fiancé(e)s style, heritage whatever you can to make the Big Day personalized for you two! 

Decide on you venue. This will in turn dictate the Date of the Big Day along with style or what direction you may go, number of guests, caterer options and so forth.

Enjoy these moments, it goes way faster then you think! So make it fun and something to look forward to rather then an overwhelming list!

Find a photographer! Don't just rely on price alone. While we understand that is certainly something to consider, look beyond the price tag. Do you connect with the photographer(s)? Did you view at least two albums or photos from entire wedding from start to finish and found they did great coverage? Most include engagement sessions now! Utilize that as a learning experience with your fiancé(e) so you don't have to be directed on the Big Day. Pictures really are the only thing you have besides the dress and accessories after the Big Day. Your food is gone, music gone, flowers gone, cake, venue, everything but those!

Getting stressed? You need a wedding planner!!!! Even if you aren't stressed consider it. We read off a review of Marcie Hancock with A Thorough Fare, that the MOB considered it a gift to the bride rather then the cost because it was there to give them the stress free experience. A PLUS with wedding planners, you usually get to benefit from their "A team" vendor list so you know you're using someone that has a fantastic reputation! Also, in some cases may get a complimentary upgrade or a discount. If your type A, or not sure who will help the flow of the timeline on the Big Day then consider hiring a wedding coordinator for at least the month of.

Hit the dress shops now. You've secured the venue and photographer, next step is finding THE dress. This is the next most time consuming piece of the puzzle of planning so don't postpone too long. We encourage shopping 9-12 months out and deciding during that time frame too. Allows, enough time for production and room for alterations, with a little wiggle room that allows for shopping for accessories or an emergency. Want to read more tips about dress here.

Interview a few other Vendors. Florist, Band/Musicians/DJ for ceremony and reception , videographer, officiant, arrange hotel blocks for out of town guests if applicable.

Just sit back and enjoy those cake and dessert tastings! You're guests will definitely want a tasty sweet treat, so stick with the traditional cake or add a sampling of tasty pies, truffles, or even our most recent favorite thing we tasted "Strawberry Champagne Sorbet" from Spotz Gelato! Delish!

Keep those thank you cards up to date, from showers and so forth. Once you let them pile up it gets awfully daunting to tackle them. Even just do a few a day!

Let yourself take a break from planning, that's okay.  We are all human and we can't be turned up on full power constantly.  

Makeup and Hair trail runs.  Test the look you have been envisioning and bring your accessories to your hair dresser too.

Narrow down all your design choices if you haven't already.  Whether it's finalizing colors, switching to a different idea, things need to become cohesive at this point!

Order bridesmaid dresses and get those gentleman in to get their suits purchased or measurements for rentals.

Plan honeymoon!!! Wahoo.  There are huge benefits when using a knowledgeable Travel Agent, so contact a couple of our favorites Happy Place Travel or Personal Travel.

Quick number count of who has RSVP'd or not.   Number is important for your caterer.  On top of that it effects tables, chairs, seating charts, etc.

Register for gifts.  It's kinda a blast...and no peeking after you set it up!

Start alterations 8-12 weeks out from the big day.  Don't wait to call then, call earlier....alterations should start the 8-12 weeks out! 

Transportation - consider the to and from ceremony/ reception. Are you taking the bridal party to venue before and after? Will you need one or two limos. Have questions about transportation? Contact Extreme Transportation or R&R Limousine who has years of experience under their belt and they can happily suggest options. 

Utilize your family and friends who say they want to help. Even it is something simple errand or assistance with a task. It helps you check something off the list, while keeping it fun for you and them. Remember enjoy these moments! 

Visit The Knots - Marriage License Basics to get the 101 on what to expect and find links to your state and county Marriage Laws.  AND because this "V" is equally critical, start working on those VOWS if you are writing your own!!!

Wedding Attendant gifts.  There is sooooo many gift options and ideas out there to give the wedding party crew who celebrated along the way of your engagement and is standing by you and your fiance(e) side on the Big Day.  

X-tra.  While this doesn't technically start with an "X"; use an extra pair of eyes to see if anything is missed. If you do not have a wedding planner, be sure to have someone help in creating a timeline with lists locations to be given to your wedding party prior to rehearsal day and Big Day so that everyone is on the same page of start times and locations, etcetera. Include the basic contact of vendors as well.  Give this to each vendor too!

You're getting so close.  You are ready for the Big Day to just get here, and that's normal. {and even frankly some can't wait to just relax on the honeymoon!!!!} The last leg of the wedding planning is exhausting because you simply can't do some of it any sooner.  So when you think you're ahead months ago, now there is a list of stuff to do!  Remember family and friends love to help, so just ask nicely and let them know you are grateful.

Zinger.....the Big Day is here!!!  Just breathe, enjoy yourself, save the last dance for your spouse, and enjoy all the zillions of wedding wishes and love being sent your way.  What a wonderful way to start the next chapter in your life!  Congrats!

Hope you enjoyed our lovely ABC's of wedding planning.


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Right: Floral by Jaclyn Journey Weddings / Original Makers