Saying Yes to the Dress! Brides responses on how they knew it was the one.

“Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief she is beautiful.” Sophia Loren

We asked, you answered! Sure we can give you tips on what to look for when deciding on a gown for one of the happiest moments of your life, but its also wonderful to hear from real brides on how they knew. As a recap here are our signals, as Bridal Consultants, we know its the one for you!

How WE know when you found THE dress?

Each bride has a different experience that “lets them in” on knowing it’s the dress. A few examples are:

-They don’t want to take it off.

-On the retry, as soon as they see themselves in the wedding dress hits them. Tears can fall, but don’t worry, that’s not a requirement.

-They simply light up, because it all “feels right.”

-Each dress gets compared to the favorite and nothing comes close.

- Sometimes it’s a combo of several things. From a surprise dress, to all the cheers and speechless reactions from you and your guests.


Don”t forget about the details! Do you love the front and the back? (Both are equally important) How about that train? Is it the length you want? Do you love the particular lace on the gown, the edging? If you are unsure about anything, it’s not the dress for you. No need to read into it and try to justify your reasoning, just take in that gut feeling an move on. You want to LOVE every aspect about it!

“A wedding dress is both intimate and personal for a woman - it must reflect the personality and style of the bride.” Carolina Herrera, wedding gown designer.

Dress by  White One

Dress by White One


“A the end of the day, it’s the bride who makes the dress, not the other way around.” Kang Chun Lin, Designer

So let’s get to it and hear from real brides on their moment and how they knew it was the one!

Photo by  Olive Branch & Co  | Gown by  Lillian West

“It was the first dress I tried on and there was no doubt it was mine. It fit me perfectly and had a bit of color. I humored my mom when we went back for it and tried on some others, but none of them were mine like the one I wore down the aisle.” - Amy

“I never wanted to take it off. I actually wore it around my house before we got married and watched, Say Yes to the Dress.”

“I could not stop thinking about it for 2 weeks, went back and knew it was the one the moment I put it back on” - Kerry

“My dress was ‘just right’. Nothing about it brought up questions if it was ok or not.” - Jamie

“It had pockets!” - Anna

“I didn’t want to take mine off. I loved how it made my body feel and how strong I felt in it.” - Ashley

“I’d never felt more beautiful, sure of myself or comfortable in my skin! I knew the moment I put it on it was the one.” - Amy

“I felt seen. My dress was part of me and expressed to myself and others the lucky, confident and beautiful girl that was becoming a wife.” - Ami

“When I was torn between two dresses, my bridesmaid told me to imagine walking down the aisle toward Brannon. Only one of the dresses brought tears to my eyes and a clear vision of that future moment!'‘- Kelly

“When you can’t stop smiling.” - Julie

“I had dream after dream about it. She was perfect and beautiful.” - Stephanie