Wedding Dress Shopping Secrets

Tell you a little secret.

When shopping for a wedding dress, no matter what family or friends opinions are, whether they are rooting for a dress or making it clear they don’t like one...when it comes down to it, it doesn’t really matter. When you listen to yourself + make sure you feel like you + feel the best, that is all that matters. Remember, when you are confident it shows. You are the only one responsible for your feelings so make sure you’re true to yourself!

How do you know when you found THE dress?

Each bride has a different experience that “lets them in” on knowing it’s the dress. A few examples are:

-They don’t want to take it off.

-On the retry, as soon as they see themselves in the wedding dress hits them. Tears can fall, but don’t worry, that’s not a requirement.

-They simply light up, because it all “feels right.”

-Each dress gets compared to the favorite and nothing comes close.

- Sometimes it’s a combo of several things. From a surprise dress, to all the cheers and speechless reactions from you and your guests.

Either way, whatever it is, there are no rules. Over the years we have watched brides stress about the FOMO, the people pleasing, or getting caught up in “I can’t decide because of this, that, or another”. Our best advice is....let that go. Enjoy the process. But it doesn’t have to be a long and draining one. When you find it, say YES! You don’t get that moment back again with those exact same feelings when you realized you found it!

If you’ve found your dress....we’d love to hear how you knew it was THE dress for you?

And if you’re at the point to start shopping for your wedding gown, give us a call or book online to schedule your bridal appointment. Maybe you will find out how you realized you’ve found the dress!

Photo by Olive Branch & Co. | Gown by Lillian West | Makeup by Becca Schell Makeup Artist

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