where ya girls at?

Because we exclusively focus on the bride at our boutique we rarely get to meet the other special people in your wedding.  We never ever get to meet the groom and we may get to meet a maid or two but never the whole group!  Well you can't get married without your special ladies!  We love to see you all sharing special smiles, giggles, and primp time when the wedding pictures come in!  So we wanted to give a little shout out to the ladies who have stuck by you for years.  The ones who handed you a hankie when you cried at your wedding.  The ones that held your train as you walked through the grass, who threw you a rowdy bachelorette party and a classy bridal shower!  Here is to the ladies that feel like sisters {and sometimes are}! Cheers to all of you!


1. Bride: Dawn | Photographer: Katelynn Dow Photography // 2. Bride: Haleigh | Photographer: Photography and Design by Lauren // 3. Megan | Photographer: Jessica & Sarah Photography // 4. Bride: Amanda | Photographer: Lang Thomas // 5. Bride: Allyson | Photographer: Bradley Quinn Photographer // 6. Bride: Carly | Photographer: Kriech-Higdon Photography // 7. Bride: Lauren | Photographer: Rachel Caines Photography // 8. Bride: Sarah | Photographer: Morgan Worley // 9. Bride: Stephanie | Photographer: Jessica & Sarah Photography