what happens when a wedding designer plans her own wedding?

So we just posted the wedding pictures of Allyson and David over on our Real CC Bride Blog {Click here to read their love story} and we left out the detail shots because we wanted to give you a whole post on this cozy and intimate wedding.  Allyson is a wedding coordinator and designer at Essential Details so she had all the wedding planning goodies and knowledge at her fingertips. The couple could have chosen to go ALL OUT in a big way but they opted for a beautiful, warm, cozy wedding at the Livery in Lexington.  With attention to detail, and the hint of copper {our new favorite wedding metal} this wedding was our type of perfection.  We spoke with Allyson and asked her to tell us a little about her inspiration as well as some tips as a Wedding Coordinator, here is what she had to say!

What was the feel you were trying to capture in the space? It looked warm + cozy + personal + we loved it! David and I wanted our wedding venue to feel welcoming. We truly wanted people to walk in, take notice of the details, and notice the personal touches and thought that was put into everything. The Livery could not have matched our style any better, so we truly just focused on enhancing the already existing beauty of that space with our personal spin on it. We hoped it would be inviting, personal, and thoughtful, but most of all an unforgettable experience and a celebration with those people we love the most!

What was your color theme and how did you decide on it?  We decided not to have a color theme but instead a certain feel for the wedding. We wanted to play around with different fall / rich tones in order to create a warm and inviting space.  We didn’t feel our wedding was a black tie affair and had a more casual feel so the mismatch vibe fit. We picked a neutral (gray) and a metal (copper) and decided the only color would be in the flowers. Since we included many different colors and tones in the flowers, the neutrals like gray and copper helped us create the vintage / mismatch vibe we were going for without looking chaotic. We wanted the ceremony to be gray and copper with all greenery. The bouquets were full of color. The reception mixed all elements of gray, copper and rich colors in the centerpieces. We looked at the existing beauty and vintage/ mismatched elements of our venue as inspiration! We picked this venue for a reason so we took full advantage of their exposed brick, concrete floors, iron elements, hardwood and existing art by making sure the décor we brought in would mix perfectly with that!

Any advice on designing a ceremony/reception space that is unique + personal to the couple? As a wedding coordinator, I see a lot! One thing that was very important when choosing the design of our wedding was to make it different and unique from what I had seen before and make it personal to our style and our relationship.  Be sure to include a style that reflects you as a couple. Add elements that are unique to your love story.  Be thoughtful when deciding on each element of your wedding to see if there is a way you can relate it back to both of you. Maybe it’s a color, a saying, a location, a date, a season, a food, an heirloom, photographs, a favorite drink, or even a song … find inspiration in everything in your relationship and see if there is a way you can include that in your wedding. David and I met in Lexington and decided to bring our family and friends back there for our wedding. He is from Cincinnati and I am from Louisville where we currently live, so we wanted to show our guests our favorite things in Lexington and why that city means a lot to both of us. We also included elements from Louisville and Cincinnati since we were long distance for a year and a half and those cities played a huge part in our relationship as well. From our welcome bags, guest book, even down to our drink selection, you could see personalized elements everyone recognized from all three of those cities.  We decided to have our rehearsal dinner at the restaurant where we had our first date, which made it even more special. We even served a “specialty beer” at the wedding and decided to toast with what was served at Pint Night on the night we first met.  We wanted our guests to get to know our story and know we are excited they are now a part of the next chapter!

Xoxo, The Couture Closet Gals


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Photography: Bradley Quinn Photography // Venue: The Livery Lexington // Coordination: Essential Details // Flowers: Blooms by Essential Details // Rentals: Essential Details // Cake: Cakes by BeBe

where ya girls at?

Because we exclusively focus on the bride at our boutique we rarely get to meet the other special people in your wedding.  We never ever get to meet the groom and we may get to meet a maid or two but never the whole group!  Well you can't get married without your special ladies!  We love to see you all sharing special smiles, giggles, and primp time when the wedding pictures come in!  So we wanted to give a little shout out to the ladies who have stuck by you for years.  The ones who handed you a hankie when you cried at your wedding.  The ones that held your train as you walked through the grass, who threw you a rowdy bachelorette party and a classy bridal shower!  Here is to the ladies that feel like sisters {and sometimes are}! Cheers to all of you!


1. Bride: Dawn | Photographer: Katelynn Dow Photography // 2. Bride: Haleigh | Photographer: Photography and Design by Lauren // 3. Megan | Photographer: Jessica & Sarah Photography // 4. Bride: Amanda | Photographer: Lang Thomas // 5. Bride: Allyson | Photographer: Bradley Quinn Photographer // 6. Bride: Carly | Photographer: Kriech-Higdon Photography // 7. Bride: Lauren | Photographer: Rachel Caines Photography // 8. Bride: Sarah | Photographer: Morgan Worley // 9. Bride: Stephanie | Photographer: Jessica & Sarah Photography  

a kiss to build a dream on...

A little montage of CC Brides sharing a little smooch with their new husbands.  It is amazing how many kisses lead to this point and how many happen after this day in their lives.  Kisses of passion, kisses of greeting, kisses good night, kisses of apology, congratulatory kisses, kisses goodbye, kisses just for the sake of kisses. 

#CCBride Chelsea // Photographer:  Lindsay Whiting

#CCBride Chelsea // Photographer: Lindsay Whiting

#CCBride Carly // Photographer:  Kriech-Higdon Photography

#CCBride Carly // Photographer: Kriech-Higdon Photography

#CCBride Amy // Photographer:  J.Grace Photography

#CCBride Amy // Photographer: J.Grace Photography

#CCBride Hadley // Photographer:  Eden Strader Photography

#CCBride Hadley // Photographer: Eden Strader Photography

#CCBride Elle // Photographer:  Sarah Katherine Davis Photography

#CCBride Elle // Photographer: Sarah Katherine Davis Photography


#CCBride Bailey // Photographer: Sheryll Lynne Weddings

#CCBride Kelsey // Photography:  Sami Renee

#CCBride Kelsey // Photography: Sami Renee

Our Plus Size Collection Is Here!

AAAHHHHH!!! We have some pretty AMAZING NEWS you all!!!!  We have been talking about it for a while now but we want to finally shout out to everyone!  We now have PLUS SIZE bridal gowns!!!!!  Woot woot!  And not just a handful, we have OVER 35 GOWNS ranging from size 18 to 28.  This has been 2 years in the making, and we are so thrilled to be able to finally offer this.  If you have already been dress shopping, then you know that bridal sizing is CRAY-ZEEE and everyone can agree with that!  It's normal to order your wedding gown a size or two larger than you wear in street clothes... so even if you are not plus size in street clothes, in bridal gowns you might be.  After hearing tons of stories from some of our ladies about how difficult and embarrassing it was to shop for wedding dresses they knew they couldn't try on, and our hearts broke. A girl just wants to try on a dress that zips up on them {or even better is too big on them}. That's not that much to ask for, right?!  So that has been our mission for the last 2 years, building up our Extended Size inventory to give YOU the love and care and SELECTION you deserve.  So, if you have been dreaming of having the experience of a small boutique, with southern charm, undivided attention, and a variety of gown options that aren't tucked away in the back of the store, and gowns that you can actually put on, and zip up.... your dreams have come true!  We are HERE, and we HAVE what you have been waiting for!!!!!

October Plus Size Event:

To celebrate the special attention and care we have put into curating this collection, we decided to offer 10% off any Plus Size gown {size 18-20} during the whole month of October!!!! PLUS, the first 10 brides to say YES to their Plus Size Dress {in October} will also receive a $100 Accessory Gift Certificate to use at any time!  Yep, you heard that right.  We want to celebrate you!!!!

We would love for you to spread the word so we can grow this collection even more!  

xoxo,  The Couture Closet Gals

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