chloe + jordan {married}

Chloe + Jordan exchanged vows in Savannah Georgia under the branches of the Southern Live Oaks + surrounded by their family + friends. There was so much love + affection between these two + we are so honored to have styled Chloe for such an important day in her life! 

Congratulations to Chloe + Jordan!  We wish you both years of Love, Happiness, + Adventure!

xoxo, The Couture Closet Gals


Photography: Meagan Jordan // Wedding Dress Designer: Lis Simon // Veil Designer: Sara Gabriel // Ceremony Venue: Warren Square // Reception Venue: 10 Downing at Churchill's Pub // Hair and Makeup: Royal Makeup and Hair // Event Coordinator: Love Actually Weddings // Florist: Southern Bell Wedding + Events

chelsey + dylan {married}

One winter evening in 2010, Chelsey + Dylan met in the aisles of their local Walmart!  Once they saw each other, they knew they had found someone special.  After some time apart while Chelsey was in Lexington for school, she hurried back to their hometown of Bardstown Kentucky to be by Dylan's side.  This May they walked down another aisle to become husband + wife in their hometown.  

Congratulations Chelsey + Dylan!  We wish you many years of Love, Laughter, + Adventure!

xoxo, The Couture Closet Gals


Photography: Elaina Janes Photography // Wedding Dress Designer: Lillian West // Videography: Reel KY Films // Venue: Spalding Hall Lawn // Reception Venue: St. Joseph's Parish Hall // Flowers: Lee Miller (groom's cousin) // HMU: True Bliss Salon


megan + andrew {married}

This sweet lady came into the shop looking for something completely simple.  She is a cast member at Disney World + I am sure she has seen enough Princess Dresses to last her a lifetime.  After a few dresses we selected this simple + stunning Lis Simon gown that was amazing on her!  With the addition of a subtly sparkly belt we had an absolutely stunning + simple wedding gown that was complete perfection on this sweet lady!

Megan + Andrew's wedding was featured in Kentucky Bride Magazine {Vol. 10 Issue 1}. If you don't have this issue yet you can still purchase it on their website as of 5/30/2018.

Congratulations Megan + Andrew, we wish you a lifetime of love, happiness, and adventure!

xoxo, The Couture Closet Gals


Photography: Kevin + Anna Photography // Dress Designer: Lis Simon // Videography: Paper Crane Cinema Co. // Florist: Stems // Venue: The Barn at Springhouse Gardens // Cake: Mondelli's Bake Shop // Paper Products: Minted

charlotte + Kevin {married}

This beautiful lady came to our shop looking for her perfect gown + she soon found it when she slipped on the stunning Hayden gown by Lis Simon! She made it her own by customizing the sheer back to make it completely open!  We totally approve! It is STUNNING!  Her day looks so perfect with lots of laughing, some expert dance moves, + the perfect celebration of love!  

Congratulations Charlotte + Kevin!  We wish you a lifetime of love, happiness, + adventure!

xoxo, The Couture Closet Gals!

Charlotte+Kevin+Erin Trimble+Couture Closet+Details.jpg
Charlotte+Kevin+Erin Trimble+Couture Closet+Dress+Lis Simon.jpg
Charlotte+Kevin+Erin Trimble+Couture Closet+Lis Simon+Hayden Dress Zip.jpg
Charlotte+Kevin+Erin Trimble+Couture Closet+Dressed+Lis Simon.jpg
Charlotte+Kevin+Erin Trimble+Couture Closet+Flowers.jpg
Charlotte+Kevin+Erin Trimble+Couture Closet+Bridal Port.jpg
Charlotte+Kevin+Erin Trimble+Couture Closet+Maid+Laughing.jpg
Charlotte+Kevin+Erin Trimble+Couture Closet+Hayden+Lis Simon+Melwood.jpg
Charlotte+Kevin+Erin Trimble+Couture Closet+Boys.jpg
Charlotte+Kevin+Erin Trimble+Couture Closet+Hayden+Lis Simon+Couple.jpg
Charlotte+Kevin+Erin Trimble+Couture Closet+Ceremony+Lis Simon.jpg
Charlotte+Kevin+Erin Trimble+Couture Closet+Dad Dance+Lis Simon.jpg
Charlotte+Kevin+Erin Trimble+Couture Closet+Dancing Twirl.jpg
Charlotte+Kevin+Erin Trimble+Couture Closet+Kiss Good Night.jpg

Photography: Erin Trimble // Dress Designer: Lis Simon // Flowers: Nanz + Krafts // Ceremony Location: The Cathedral of the Assumption // Reception Venue: The Mellwood Art Center {The Van Gogh Room}

susan + kevin {married}

This beautiful lady came into the shop + it didn't take long at all for her to find the perfect dress.  We knew she would be stunning on her wedding day and then she went and added a fantastic wedding team that included State & Arrow for flowers, Love Hunters for this beautiful photography, + Noah's for an amazing reception location.  

Congratulations Susan and Kevin!  We wish you a lifetime of Love, Laughter, + Adventure together!

xoxo, The Couture Closet Gals

Words from the Bride:

Kevin + I, met while I was a 4th year dental student + he was a first year orthopedic surgery resident. We knew right away that it was love at first sight. From the first night we hung out at Drakes watching a Kentucky game, I knew he was the one for me. We survived a long distance relationship when I lived in Nashville for a year of work, + the trials of being together through residency. We love the spring because that’s when we met, so we wanted our wedding to incorporate aspects of our favorite season. The floral arrangements + colors [sage green, coral + blush] with the incorporation of my favorite plant succulents made that happen. Most importantly, we had friends + family from all over there with us celebrating our big day.

Susan+Kevin+Details+Love Hunters+Couture Closet.jpg
Susan+Kevin+Couture Closet+Love Hunters+Makeup.jpg
Susan+Kevin+Couture Closet+Love Hunters+Window+Lillian West.jpg
Susan+Kevin+Couture Closet+Love Hunters+Mom.jpg
Susan+Kevin+Couture Closet+Love Hunters+Getting Ready.jpg
Susan+Kevin+Couture Closet+Love Hunters+Bride+Lillian West.jpg
Susan+Kevin+Couture Closet+Love Hunters+Groom.jpg
Susan+Kevin+Couture Closet+Love Hunters+Flowers.jpg
Susan+Kevin+Couture Closet+Love Hunters+Hand Kiss.jpg
Susan+Kevin+Couture Closet+Love Hunters+Lillian West+Couple.jpg
Susan+Kevin+Couture Closet+Love Hunters+Fur+Maids.jpg
Susan+Kevin+Couture Closet+Love Hunters+Norton Commons+Lillian West.jpg
Susan+Kevin+Couture Closet+Love Hunters+Parents+Lillian West.jpg
Susan+Kevin+Couture Closet+Love Hunters+Dance+Lillian West+Noahs.jpg
Susan+Kevin+Couture Closet+Love Hunters+Night Kiss+Lillian West.jpg

Photography: Love Hunters // Dress Designer: Lillian West // Jewelry: Sara Gabriel // Flowers: State + Arrow Design Co. // Venue: Noah's Event Venue // Makeup: Makeup by Dawn // Hair: Dakota Settels

maria + harry {married}

We are coming at ya with another stunning wedding and another stunning CC Bride!  Maria came to our shop and she was just a ray of sunshine.  We just loved working with her and her family.  She fell in love with a sheath style gown from Ti Adora and added a fun tulle skirt that was removed at the reception.  Her sisters all LOVED the skirt so much that we kidded that when they got married they would all wear the skirt.  So stay tuned and see if that happens in the next few years. Lol.  We think the look was perfection and we think Harry thought so too!  You can tell he just couldn't take his eyes off her!  P.S. Harry is Pro Soccer player for the Seattle Sounders (for all our soccer fans out there!)

Congrats Maria + Harry!  We wish you so many years of Love, Happiness, and Adventure!

xoxo, The Couture Closet Gals

Words from the Newlyweds:

Harry and I met at the University of Notre Dame the day before the first day of class freshman year. After two years of close friendship, we began dating during our junior year...and the rest is history! Throughout our years together, we've made it through many trials and tribulations - Maria studying abroad, Harry graduating Notre Dame early, a year of long distance with Harry in Montreal and Maria in Chicago, and a cross-country move to Seattle. However, when Harry proposed on December 8th, 2016 the answer was an easy one! 

We chose to get married in Louisville, KY, Maria's hometown. Because of Harry's job as a professional soccer player, we literally had THREE days all year that we could get married. We chose December 16th, and crossed our fingers for good weather. It ended up being an absolutely beautiful day - our December wedding was 55 degrees and sunny! We were so happy that we were able to take photos outside and not freeze to death! 

It was very important to us to have a wedding that included all of our family and friends, and we were blown away by the number of people who made the effort to travel from near and far so close the holidays to celebrate with us. The wedding ceremony at St. Agnes Catholic Church was beautiful, and our priest gave a wonderful homily in which he read letters that we had written to each other. It was very special and meaningful. Our reception venue was gorgeous - The Gramercy's beautiful chandeliers combined with our winter white flowers, greenery, & subtle navy and gold accents created a warm and elegant atmosphere. The food from Wiltshire Pantry was delicious, and the dance party after our dinner and speeches lasted into the late into the night. It was a day that we will never forget!! 

Maria-Harry-Couture Closet-Ti Adora-Film-Shoes-Bella Grace.jpg
Maria-BW-trip-Film-Couture Closet-Bella Grace.jpg
Maria-CoutureCloset-Ti Adora-Maids-Film-Bella Grace.jpg
Maria-CoutureCloset-Ti Adora-Ring-Bella Grace.jpg
Maria-Couture Closet-Ti Adora-Bella Grace-BW-Flowers.jpg
Maria-CoutureCloset-Ti Adora-Film-Bella Grace.jpg
Maria-Couture Closet-Ti Adora-Bella Grace-Give Away.jpg
Maria-Couture Closet-Bella Grace-Ti Adora-Ceremony Kiss.jpg
Maria-Entrance-Ti Adora-Couture Closet-Bella Grace.jpg
Maria-Couture Closet-Ti Adora-Gramercy-Bella Grace.jpg
Maria-Couture Closet-Ti Adora-Cheers-Bella Grace.jpg
Maria-Couture Closet-Ti Adora-Bella Grace-Friends.jpg
Maria-Couture Closet-BW-Bella Grace-Kiss-Gramercy.jpg

Photography: Bella Grace Studios // Wedding Gown Designer: Ti Adora // Wedding Coordinator: Planned Perfection Events // Venue: The Gramercy // Hair and MU: Carley Randall // Florist: Susan's Florist // Caterer: Wiltshire Pantry // DJ: Sound Specialist // Videographer: LWFilm