beth & mike {married}

So when Beth walked into our shop we just loved her!  She was a girl who knew what she wanted.  She found a dress right away and after that she was in love.  She bought her dream dress and could hardly wait to put it on for her big day!  After her appointment we were all chatting and Lauren realized that Beth had been her baby sitter when she was growing up!!!  What a small world Louisville is!  That made it all the more exciting to sell this beautiful bride a beautiful gown.  

Beth and Mike were married in May at Julian Chapel in J-Town.  Their fabulous wedding planner Kellye Linebach helped pull the whole thing together and the fabulous Kriech-Higdon Photography was there to catch all the special moments!  Beth and Mike had a dynamite team.

Stay tuned in a few months because both of Beth's step-daughters are Couture Closet Brides as well. Woohoo!  A whole family of Couture Closet Brides!!!!  

Bridal Gown Augusta Jones :: Photography Kriech-Higdon Photography