hadley + ryan {married}

This sweet bride came to the shop looking for something fitted and long sleeved.  We had just the thing and it was truly perfection for her!  We were so happy that she said YES to her perfect dress and became a #CCBride!

The Brides Story:

Ryan and I got married the morning of 8/12 in our church's temple (the big building in the pictures). Because of certain clothing requirements regarding modesty I had to get my dress altered a little bit by a seamstress to add pieces here and there and it turned out beautifully! Following our wedding ceremony, we had a ring ceremony and luncheon for some people who weren’t at the actual wedding ceremony. My father in law conducted the ceremony and we had friends speak and play music. After that we sat down together to have lunch and then we had a nice few hour break before our reception later that evening - involving lots of food, music and dancing! Before our reception we had some bridals taken to capture our love, just the two of us. It was a magical day! 

Congratulations Hadley & Ryan!  We wish you many years of Love, Laughter, and Adventure!


Photographer: Eden Strader Photography // Wedding Gown: Lillian West

dawn + brent {married}

We bet you will agree this is one Sweet Southern Farm Wedding!!!  Dawn and Brent were married on September 23rd and had the ever so talented, Katelynn Dow Photography capture their day.  Dawn decided to add a little custom detail on her Lillian West dress with an illusion neckline and matching lace appliques.  Once it was reception time, she popped it off and had a two in one look.  {Scroll down to see that!}  These two had their two kiddos, Carlee and Blake, be a part of their Big Day and they are darling!!!!  We hope you enjoy getting a glimpse of their beautiful day like we did. 

Florals: by J. Elizabeth Designs  || Venue: Walnut Way Farm, Shelbyville KY||  Photographer: Katelynn Dow Photograhy   

Dawn katyelynn dow.jpg
Dawn2 katelynn dow.jpg
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Dawn10 katelynn dow.jpg
Dawn11 katelynn dow.jpg
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Dawn14katelynn dow.jpg
  Here is her dress strapless!!!

Here is her dress strapless!!!

winnie + derek {married}

Winnie & Derek’s Love Story {In their words} :)

            In the spring of 2015, after months of encouragement from her father, Winnie joined CatholicMatch.com. While looking at her matches, Derek, from Bardstown, KY caught her attention. Recognizing how much they had in common, Winnie went ahead and “beamed Derek a smile.” After reading Winnie’s profile, Derek was smitten and immediately messaged her. They messaged back and forth all afternoon, talking and sharing their interests and stories. That evening, Winnie and Derek both had separate plans to hang out with their friends and decided to continue talking over text.

Since everything was going so well, Winnie and Derek decided to meet up at Diamonds Bar in St. Matthews. On the way to the bar, Kara’s car broke down and started smoking. Winnie pulled over with Kara and waited with her for AAA. Winnie texted Derek to tell him Kara’s car broke down, but they would still meet him at the bar after Kara’s car was towed. Derek was very understanding and offered several times to come and help. However, it took so long for the tow truck to show up that Derek was starting to worry he was getting stood up and cat-fished. Winnie reassured him that they would be on their way to the bar as soon as possible. After waiting almost an hour and a half, the tow truck finally came and Winnie and Kara headed to the bar. They only waited about 10 minutes for Derek and his friend, Joey, to arrive. Winnie and Derek enjoyed each other’s company so much, they talked for hours until 2am. When it was time to leave, Derek pulled Winnie away alone and kissed her.

The next weekend, Winnie and Derek had their first official date. Winnie was singing a wedding at St. Agnes Catholic Church and asked Derek to meet her there afterwards. Derek was so intrigued that Winnie could sing, he showed up early and crashed the wedding. When Derek entered the church, he saw Winnie up on the altar singing. After hearing her beautiful voice, he knew he was going to spend the rest of his life with her.

The Proposal

On April 16, 2016, Winnie decided to throw a surprise 30th Anniversary party for her parents, Winnie and Randy. The majority of Winnie's family and friends were at the party, as were Derek's parents, Pam and Lester. After surprising her parents and eating dinner, Winnie showed a photo slideshow she had created for her parents. After the slideshow was finished, Winnie toasted her parents and offered up the floor to other toasts. After this, Derek stepped up and said, "Ok. My turn." Winnie assumed Derek was just going to toast her parents. Derek recognized her for her hard work with the party and then asked Winnie to come forward. He took her by the hands and told her, "I love you, you are my best friend, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you." Then, he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. Without hesitation, she said yes!

The Wedding

On June 10, 2017, Winnie and Derek were married at St. Agnes Catholic Church, the same church where their first date began. As the church filled with all of Winnie and Derek’s closest family and friends, Winnie made her way to the choir loft. To honor her late grandmothers and her mother, Winnie sang Franz Schubert’s “Ave Maria” as Derek’s grandmothers, Derek’s mother, and Winnie’s mother walked down the aisle. It was a beautiful and emotional moment for everyone present. After the bridal party had entered, Winnie was escorted down the aisle by her father to “Trumpet Voluntary.” Her eyes filled with tears as she looked around at all her closest family and friends smiling back at her and at Derek, shedding tears and anxiously waiting for her at the end of the aisle. The wedding mass was everything Derek and Winnie had hoped for, full of joyful music, meaningful scripture readings, and reverence as they pledged their love to each other before God and everyone present.

After the wedding ceremony, Derek and Winnie celebrated their marriage with their family and friends at Bellarmine University’s Frazier Hall. After entering the hall with their bridal party, Derek and Winnie danced their first dance as husband and wife to John Legend’s, “All of Me.” Their delicious dinner was followed by the cake cutting and toasts, in which Winnie and Derek smeared cake all over each other’s faces! After the father/daughter and mother/son dances, they boogied the night away with family and friends to great music with their live band, Kudmani. Before the evening ended, the reception was made extra special by featuring a family tradition of more than 15 years on Winnie’s side- the men in the family and the groomsmen dressed up as The Village People to perform the “YMCA.” When the festivities concluded, Winnie and Derek exited the hall to their getaway limo through a tunnel of family and friends with sparklers. Without a doubt, their wedding day was the BEST day of their lives and they could not be happier to be spending the rest of their lives together.

Congrats Winnie & Derek!  We wish you years of love, happiness, and adventure!

Couture Closet Bridal Boutique Winnie Jasmine
Couture Closet Bridal Boutique Winnie Port Jasmine
Couture Closet Bridal Boutique Winnie Jasmine Bridge
Couture Closet Bridal Boutique Winnie Jasmine Church
Couture Closet Bridal Boutique Winnie Jasmine BW Church
Couture Closet Bridal Boutique Winnie Jasmine YMCA
Couture Closet Bridal Boutique Winnie Jasmine Sparkler

Photography: Jeff and Michele Photography // Wedding Dress: Jasmine Bridal // Ceremony Venue: St. Agnes // 
Reception Venue: Bellarmine University Frazier Hall // Flowers: Victor Mathis Florist // Hair: Gregory Michael’s Salon //
Makeup: Carrie Lentz Makeup // Band: Kudmani // Caterer: Sodexo // Wedding Cake: Plehn’s Bakery 

megan & adam {married}

We love when a gal has amazing confidence and this lady right here; she has it going on!  At her bridal appointment, when she had this dress on, we asked her if she felt beautiful and confident and she answered with: "every single day"!  We just LOVED IT! From the moment she had on that Lillian West gown she new it was the dress she wanted to wear to become a wife!  

Words from the bride:

"Our wedding day was perfect, and if you recall when you asked me the day I said yes to the dress if I felt confident and beautiful I answered, “Every single day, but yes!” And on August 19th I feel 100% confident saying 100% YES!!!! Thank you so much for everything! The dress was perfect, the veil was perfect and my earrings were A+! I paired them all with some sassy blue Kate Spade heels and when I looked in the mirror it was EXACTLY how I wanted to look on my wedding day."

Well it can't get much better than that, right?!  

Congrats to Megan and Adam!  May life give you tons of love, laughter, and adventure together! 

Couture Closet Bridal Boutique Megan Lillian West Portrait
Couture Closet Bridal Boutique Megan Lillian West Maids
Couture Closet Bridal Boutique Megan Lillian West BW
Couture Closet Bridal Boutique Megan Lillian West Vows
Couture Closet Bridal Boutique Megan Lillian West Silo
Couture Closet Bridal Boutique Megan Lillian West Dad
Couture Closet Bridal Boutique Megan Lillian West Crowd

Photography: Jessica & Sara Photography // Wedding Dress Designer: Lillian West // Florist: Pathelen Flowers // Ceremony: St. James Catholic Church // Reception: Gheens Foundation Lodge // Band: Kudmani // Makeup: Dawn Phillips

elizabeth + john {married}

You all have no idea how much we LOVE seeing our brides wedding pictures!!!  When we are tagged on Instagram or Facebook, or emailed the sweet thank you and pictures.  It truly makes our day.  So we have to share beautiful Elizabeth and John's story and pictures from their BIG DAY 7.1.2017. 

Bride's Story:

We got married at St. James Catholic Church on Bardstown road. The reception was at the Henry Clay in the main ballroom. John and I had been dating for 8 years by the time we were married! We met at Lakeside Swim Club as lifeguards one summer in high school. We started dating the next summer and stayed together through a long distance relationship, new jobs, new cities, and finally got married this summer! Our wedding day was the best day ever! We had so much love from family and friends who came near and far to celebrate our special day! And we had so much fun celebrating with cake, dancing, and wonderful company!  We also loved everyone who helped us from start to finish!

Couture Closet Bridal Boutique Elizabeth Astrid and Mercedes earring
Couture Closet Bridal Boutique Elizabeth Astrid and Mercedes window
Couture Closet Bridal Boutique Elizabeth Astrid and Mercedes church
Couture Closet Bridal Boutique Elizabeth Astrid and Mercedes Kiss
Couture Closet bridal Boutique Elizabeth Astrid and Mercedes pose
Couture Closet Bridal Boutique Elizabeth Astrid and Merecedes Henry Clay


Venue: St. James Church/The Henry Clay // Caterer: Wiltshire Pantry //Photographer: Jay May Photography // Videographer: Matt Graf - Pixel Puppy Productions // Florist: Oberer’s Flowers // Cake: Plehn’s Bakery // Makeup: Nicole Grote – Artistry HD // Hair: Jennifer Cook – Hair Bar // Coordinator: Lauren Lewis // Transportation: Trolley de ‘Ville // Band: Groove Essential


holly + bryson {married}

We are seriously so blessed to have such amazing brides, and Holly is one of the reasons I get to say that!  This lady was such a beam of sunlight any time she came into the shop! Working with her was such a dream and we looked forward to her visits every time.  Even when she got a little nervous with her dress choice and had to come in and revisit her dress, she was such a dear, and the addition of her beautiful sash made her fears melt away and as you can see the result was nothing short of perfection!  

Congrats Holly and Bryson!!! We wish you years of love, laughter and adventure!

From The Bride: 

I wanted my wedding to be like a fairytale, with pastel colors and pure elegance and romance! I wanted to feel like a princess, marrying my prince charming. One of the major themes of the wedding was pearls. My grandmother (Nanni) who passed away a few years ago was so elegant and LIVED in pearls. We had such a special relationship, so not having her there was hard for me.  I thought it was a cool way to incorporate a touch of her into the day by having pearls in the bouquets and the arrangements! I even had pearls on my dress. My favorite part of the reception was the big pink tutu skirt on the cake table! It was over the top princess and I loved it. Carrie, at Merci Bouquet, created the skirt and also did draping at the reception! Amy at Merci Bouquet did the flowers. They were the best.

Bryson and I wanted to have our ceremony at our church, where we met.  I sing and he plays guitar so we met volunteeringon the student ministry worship team (this was when we were out of high school – we were just volunteering in that area)J Now I sing regularly on the adult worship team and he is the pastoral intern there. Having our ceremony there was so important since our relationship with the Lord means so much to us and it was where our relationship began.

One unique fact about the ceremony is my mom made ALL the décor, even the flowers on stage and going down the aisles! She spent so much time and effort to transform the sanctuary into a dreamland!  Merci bouquet made the boutonnieres, bouquets, and did all the reception flowers and décor!Another fun fact is that when we kissed, fireworks went off on the screen behind us at church! 

Photography: Jess Maslyn Photography // Dress: Lillian West // Venue: Southeast Christian Church Indiana and Kye's // Flowers and Draping: Merci Bouquet // Decor: Brides Mama Leila Abbott // Coordinator: Sarah Flannery // Cake: Louisvillicous

Couture Closet Bridal Boutique Holly Lillian West Dress
Couture Closet Bridal Boutique Holly Lillian West Maids
Couture Closet Bridal Boutique Holly Lillian West Laugh
Couture Closet Bridal Boutique Holly Lillian West First Look
Couture Closet Bridal Boutique Holly Lillian West Hug
Couture Closet Bridal Boutique Holly Lillian West Ceremony
 This was the brides favorite part of the decor so we HAD to add a pictures and we have to say we L-O-V-E it!!!!

This was the brides favorite part of the decor so we HAD to add a pictures and we have to say we L-O-V-E it!!!!

Couture Closet Bridal Boutique Holly Lillian West Kyes
Couture Closet Bridal Boutique Holly Lillian West Night Kiss