allyson + david {married}

We are always so flattered when a Louisville Wedding Professional trusts us in styling them for their wedding!  So when Allyson from Essential Details came in for her appointment we were so thrilled!  We had already styled one of the other Essential Details gals, Devanny {click here to see her story}, so we were so excited to see what Allyson would choose!  

Allyson and David were married in Lexington at the Livery {ummmm.... and they are smooching on the front page of the Livery's website}, and their wedding was so fabulous and so beautiful that we will do a future blog just on her decor next week hopefully. {EDIT: CLICK HERE TO SEE THE DETAILS!}

Congratulations Y'all!  We wish you a lifetime of Love, Laughter, and Adventure!

Words from The Bride:

One day in Lexington, KY in the fall of 2013, I got off work early and one of my best friends convinced me to meet her and some other people at Pazzos for Pint Night. I didn’t really want to go but I randomly decided I should suck it up and go because I got off early and never get to do things like this during the week. My friend found out that one of her friends was sitting outside on the patio and she wanted to go and say hi. She pulled me outside with her to socialize. Sitting with her friend was one of his roommates. We were introduced and well, I think you can guess the rest. Everyone will tell you I was picky, to the point of just being ridiculous. Yet, something felt different about David. He asked my best friend for my number after we had left, hung out that weekend (which was his birthday), and went on our first date shortly after!  

We were sitting in Starbucks one day when I randomly took a picture (something I tend to do, you get used to it eventually …), and I told him I wouldn’t post it since he was going home that weekend and he wouldn’t have to participate in a game of 20 questions from his family. He then responded with “I was hoping I could just tell them you were my girlfriend …” which made me smile.

He moved back to Cincinnati after he graduated that December while I was still in Lexington. Not long after, I moved back to Louisville for my job. We were long distance for a year and a half. Looking back, I wouldn’t trade that for anything! We became very close to each other’s families and had so much fun getting to know each other in our most comfortable environments. We learned a lot about each other. He then got a wonderful job in Louisville and we were able to enjoy finally being in the same city.

In July of 2016, we drove up to Cincinnati to spend the weekend there. I planned the trip so we could go to IKEA to get David a new couch. David had other plans. After much convincing (we were running really late), he got me to go with him to take his family dog on a walk in Ault Park. I was confused why he brought his backpack for a leisurely walk in the park. He tried to convince me that he brought a bunch of stuff for the dog, which confused me even more, so I stopped asking questions. After almost ruining his plan several times by changing course or asking too many questions (my bad), we finally stopped in front of the staircase and fountain at the park and he told me the dog was thirsty and began rummaging through his backpack. I took the leash thinking there is no way we walked enough to make the dog thirsty, then I turn around and he was on one knee. I would tell you the rest, but I am pretty sure we both blacked out because neither one of us remembers what he said. I am pretty sure I stood with my hand over my mouth trying to figure out what was going on. It wasn’t until I was wondering why he was still kneeling on the ground that I realized I hadn’t said anything! I quickly said yes! His sister and brother walked over out of nowhere, and apparently my parents were already at David’s parents’ house waiting on us! And yes, we still went to IKEA … everyone actually went and I just was more easily distracted and on cloud nine the entire shopping trip.

Our little love story is so special to us. We have so many wonderful memories and stories, as every couple does, and we made sure to include little parts and pieces of our favorite moments in our wedding weekend! All of the planning was all worth it once that wedding weekend was here! The excitement and love that we felt that entire weekend was indescribable and memories we will cherish forever!

xoxo, The Couture Closet Gals


Photography: Bradley Quinn Photography // Dress: Blush by Hayley Paige // Videographey: Rickard Visual Media // Venue: The Livery Lexington // Coordination, Design & Rentals: Essential Details (of course!) // Hair & Make Up: Primp Style Lounge