brandi + jay {married}

I usually gush about the bride in the beginning of these blog posts, and I will because she is a dream and just one of the sweetest! This post however, I need to mention this groom! The way that Jay looks at Brandi just makes us melt! His tears, his joy, his love for her is obvious. Brandi is a beautiful person inside and out and it is clear that Jay cherishes her.

Congratulations Brandi + Jay! We wish you years of love, happiness, and adventure! {and these two know how to adventure! Their family business is Wander Africa, The Safari Co. Check them out on Instagram @wander_africa}

xoxo, The Couture Closet Gals

Note from the Bride:

We had the perfect wedding day! My husband was born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya. He moved to LA 13 years ago for college. I moved to LA 5 years ago from Louisville, working as a nurse. We met in Santa Monica on Tinder almost 4 years ago! We recently moved to Asheville, NC and are building our life there now. Though Jay is from Africa, he is of Indian descent. I grew up in Starlight, Indiana in a Catholic family. We come from extremely different backgrounds, but our love was real from the beginning. When it came to planning our wedding, it was very complicated! Each of our families had different ideas of what they wanted for us, and we weren't even sure if we wanted to have a big wedding! Because Jay owns/operates a safari business (Designing luxury trips/safaris for people all across Africa), we originally thought we would have our wedding in Kenya... We got engaged in the Masai Mara, Kenya, and it was the most amazing moment of my life...until our wedding day. After a lot of back and forth, we decided that our wedding should involve all of our closest friends and family and should be in my hometown of Starlight. We knew we wanted to have a small intimate wedding with a large celebration! 

Jay's family found an Indian restaurant in Louisville and hosted the most incredible rehearsal dinner! Most of my friends and family had never even tasted Indian Food. Most of us wore Indian attire, and it was beautiful!

Our wedding was a perfect curation of what we dreamed of for our day! We had a mix of Jay's Hindu background, and my Catholic background, on a beautiful sunny day outside in nature. Instead of having a big wedding party, I chose my two oldest/closest friends as my Matrons of Honor. We had our parents, siblings, closest friends, and relatives at the ceremony, and it was the most intimate experience. We even had a hayride afterwards!

A few hours later, we had a huge celebration, and an insane party with The Rumors playing all night. Huber's Lake house was a stunning venue, and the weather was absolutely gorgeous all day.

After all of this, Jay and I both agree, it was the BEST day of our lives!

We spent a month in Southern Africa for our honeymoon and we will never ever forget this most memorable first half of 2018 :) 


Photographer: Brandy Roll // Wedding Dress Designer: Lillian West // Venue: Huber’s Lake House // Florals {only headpiece}: Nance’s // Band: The Rumor’s