carly & ben {he is the fun to her funky}

This couple is pretty dear to my husband and I.  My husband, Shawn, has been friends for years with the groom, Ben. They have a friendship to treasure for sure.  Ben's a wonderful being and all around good guy.  When he started dating Carly, these two fellas thought they were going to work their magic so Carly and I could be great friends like them.  Well, they didn't need to try.  She is one of the kindest, genuine persons out there, that has a heart so gentle and filled with love.  Needless to say, we connected easily, and I am so grateful to call her my friend and that she will be part of my girl tribe for life.

Their wedding was on March 24th and was filled with so much love, fun, and a little funky {as you will see from the pictures below}!  I was honored to read at their wedding.  What I enjoyed the most about their BIG DAY was the amount of personalization and that nearly EVERY person that was a "vendor" was actually a friend or family member. No kidding..from the cake, to custom cake topper, caterer, florist, to invitations, the DJ, to the singers and that doesn't even cover all of them who were involved...every piece, every talent, filled by friends and family.  It added such a warmth to their wedding.  These TWO have a lot of friends and it's easy to see why.  Two amazing individuals, that now...get to take on this journey of life as husband and wife.  Congrats to the you guys! {Oh, a happy heart sigh.  Did I mention, I love LOVE?  You can see it radiating from these two!}

Just an FYI because I know you will be in awe over the flags.  Every piece of fabric was from people they knew or their own, hand cut, sewn, and hung for their day.  There were GOBS of them and it made the reception area so incredible!  How special?!

xoxo, tera

|  Gown by Lis Simon   |  Venue: The Pointe  , Gralehaus,  and the Holy Grale |   Photographer:  Kriech-Higdon   |