katie & brent {married}

When Katie came to The Couture Closet we knew she was a sweetheart right off the bat!  This sweet lady was so excited to be marrying her fiance and after a few gowns she found the perfect dress for her big day.  This southern style gown was perfect for her Whitehall wedding and reception {and that train down the steps of the mansion.... to die for}.  After a little tweak with custom straps she knew she had found the dress she wanted to become a wife in, and we couldn't agree more! 

After reading Katie and Brent's love story that her cousin {who also married the couple} wrote for them I just had to share... Makes our hearts full and happy!

For those that may not know Brent and Katie’s love story it goes all the way back to grade school. Katie went to school with a girl who live in the same neighborhood as Brent. Katie’s friend had an outdoor basketball court that all the kids in the neighborhood loved. But Katie remembers less about the basketball court and more specifically about who would play on the court. Enter Brent Hagan, he would go play basketball with his best friend Andrew Zemanksi (best man in the wedding). At the time Katie was 14 and Brent 16. But time seemed to pass them by, they attended high school at Trinity and Sacred Heart, living their separate lives. They next ventured to U of L (No one needs to worry as Katie has made it very clear that she is still a Kentucky fan) At U of L their paths crossed several times. But it wasn’t until about 4 1/2 years ago that Katie decided to message Brent. The memories of watching Brent play basketball when the two were young flashed though Katie’s mind, wondering if there was still that spark she had as a young girl. Sure enough, after Katie’s message, Brent agreed to hang out. The first night they hung out was filled with old memories from high school and college. But what brought them closest of all was the fact they had both been in serious car accidents, Brent not realizing that Katie was the girl who was in the bad accident on 22 back in 2003. They talked about how their lives have changed since, and instantly felt that there was a reason God saved them from those accidents. They realized in this moment that they were meant to find each other later in life, and reflect on how lucky they are. There was a reason they were supposed to rekindle that small crush they once had on each other. Soul mates don’t just find each other out of a coincidence. God plans for these things to happen. God has brought Brent & Katie together, to find someone that truly appreciates the scars that they both share. You see their scars are not a reminder of what happened. They are instead the missing puzzle pieces that fit the two of them so perfectly together.

Photography: Burning Chair Photography // Dress: Lillian West // Custom Straps: Sara Gabriel // Venue: Whitehall Mansion and Gardens // Hair: Jazz Salon // Makeup: Kaitlyn Hubert// Flowers: Rose and Honey