susan + kevin {married}

This beautiful lady came into the shop + it didn't take long at all for her to find the perfect dress.  We knew she would be stunning on her wedding day and then she went and added a fantastic wedding team that included State & Arrow for flowers, Love Hunters for this beautiful photography, + Noah's for an amazing reception location.  

Congratulations Susan and Kevin!  We wish you a lifetime of Love, Laughter, + Adventure together!

xoxo, The Couture Closet Gals

Words from the Bride:

Kevin + I, met while I was a 4th year dental student + he was a first year orthopedic surgery resident. We knew right away that it was love at first sight. From the first night we hung out at Drakes watching a Kentucky game, I knew he was the one for me. We survived a long distance relationship when I lived in Nashville for a year of work, + the trials of being together through residency. We love the spring because that’s when we met, so we wanted our wedding to incorporate aspects of our favorite season. The floral arrangements + colors [sage green, coral + blush] with the incorporation of my favorite plant succulents made that happen. Most importantly, we had friends + family from all over there with us celebrating our big day.

Susan+Kevin+Details+Love Hunters+Couture Closet.jpg
Susan+Kevin+Couture Closet+Love Hunters+Makeup.jpg
Susan+Kevin+Couture Closet+Love Hunters+Window+Lillian West.jpg
Susan+Kevin+Couture Closet+Love Hunters+Mom.jpg
Susan+Kevin+Couture Closet+Love Hunters+Getting Ready.jpg
Susan+Kevin+Couture Closet+Love Hunters+Bride+Lillian West.jpg
Susan+Kevin+Couture Closet+Love Hunters+Groom.jpg
Susan+Kevin+Couture Closet+Love Hunters+Flowers.jpg
Susan+Kevin+Couture Closet+Love Hunters+Hand Kiss.jpg
Susan+Kevin+Couture Closet+Love Hunters+Lillian West+Couple.jpg
Susan+Kevin+Couture Closet+Love Hunters+Fur+Maids.jpg
Susan+Kevin+Couture Closet+Love Hunters+Norton Commons+Lillian West.jpg
Susan+Kevin+Couture Closet+Love Hunters+Parents+Lillian West.jpg
Susan+Kevin+Couture Closet+Love Hunters+Dance+Lillian West+Noahs.jpg
Susan+Kevin+Couture Closet+Love Hunters+Night Kiss+Lillian West.jpg

Photography: Love Hunters // Dress Designer: Lillian West // Jewelry: Sara Gabriel // Flowers: State + Arrow Design Co. // Venue: Noah's Event Venue // Makeup: Makeup by Dawn // Hair: Dakota Settels

maria + harry {married}

We are coming at ya with another stunning wedding and another stunning CC Bride!  Maria came to our shop and she was just a ray of sunshine.  We just loved working with her and her family.  She fell in love with a sheath style gown from Ti Adora and added a fun tulle skirt that was removed at the reception.  Her sisters all LOVED the skirt so much that we kidded that when they got married they would all wear the skirt.  So stay tuned and see if that happens in the next few years. Lol.  We think the look was perfection and we think Harry thought so too!  You can tell he just couldn't take his eyes off her!  P.S. Harry is Pro Soccer player for the Seattle Sounders (for all our soccer fans out there!)

Congrats Maria + Harry!  We wish you so many years of Love, Happiness, and Adventure!

xoxo, The Couture Closet Gals

Words from the Newlyweds:

Harry and I met at the University of Notre Dame the day before the first day of class freshman year. After two years of close friendship, we began dating during our junior year...and the rest is history! Throughout our years together, we've made it through many trials and tribulations - Maria studying abroad, Harry graduating Notre Dame early, a year of long distance with Harry in Montreal and Maria in Chicago, and a cross-country move to Seattle. However, when Harry proposed on December 8th, 2016 the answer was an easy one! 

We chose to get married in Louisville, KY, Maria's hometown. Because of Harry's job as a professional soccer player, we literally had THREE days all year that we could get married. We chose December 16th, and crossed our fingers for good weather. It ended up being an absolutely beautiful day - our December wedding was 55 degrees and sunny! We were so happy that we were able to take photos outside and not freeze to death! 

It was very important to us to have a wedding that included all of our family and friends, and we were blown away by the number of people who made the effort to travel from near and far so close the holidays to celebrate with us. The wedding ceremony at St. Agnes Catholic Church was beautiful, and our priest gave a wonderful homily in which he read letters that we had written to each other. It was very special and meaningful. Our reception venue was gorgeous - The Gramercy's beautiful chandeliers combined with our winter white flowers, greenery, & subtle navy and gold accents created a warm and elegant atmosphere. The food from Wiltshire Pantry was delicious, and the dance party after our dinner and speeches lasted into the late into the night. It was a day that we will never forget!! 

Maria-Harry-Couture Closet-Ti Adora-Film-Shoes-Bella Grace.jpg
Maria-BW-trip-Film-Couture Closet-Bella Grace.jpg
Maria-CoutureCloset-Ti Adora-Maids-Film-Bella Grace.jpg
Maria-CoutureCloset-Ti Adora-Ring-Bella Grace.jpg
Maria-Couture Closet-Ti Adora-Bella Grace-BW-Flowers.jpg
Maria-CoutureCloset-Ti Adora-Film-Bella Grace.jpg
Maria-Couture Closet-Ti Adora-Bella Grace-Give Away.jpg
Maria-Couture Closet-Bella Grace-Ti Adora-Ceremony Kiss.jpg
Maria-Entrance-Ti Adora-Couture Closet-Bella Grace.jpg
Maria-Couture Closet-Ti Adora-Gramercy-Bella Grace.jpg
Maria-Couture Closet-Ti Adora-Cheers-Bella Grace.jpg
Maria-Couture Closet-Ti Adora-Bella Grace-Friends.jpg
Maria-Couture Closet-BW-Bella Grace-Kiss-Gramercy.jpg

Photography: Bella Grace Studios // Wedding Gown Designer: Ti Adora // Wedding Coordinator: Planned Perfection Events // Venue: The Gramercy // Hair and MU: Carley Randall // Florist: Susan's Florist // Caterer: Wiltshire Pantry // DJ: Sound Specialist // Videographer: LWFilm

brittany + brandon {married}

This sweet sweet lady purchased her stunning dress while she was going through a very tough season in her life.  We are so happy and honored that we could be a part of some sunshine for her! She has become one of Couture Closet's biggest cheerleaders and we are so grateful for her and her support!  You are just going to LOVE her sweet intimate Kentucky Boho wedding at Red River Gorge.

Congratulations Brittany + Brandon!  We love you and wish you a lifetime of Love, Laughter, and Adventure! Your love story is one for the ages!

xoxo, The Couture Closet Gals

Words from the Bride {you may want to grab a tissue}:

     I spent most of 2017 miserable. Not how you imagine feeling the year of your wedding + what should be the most wonderful time of your life. However, before the year even began my father was admitted into the ICU at Pikeville Medical Hospital with not only pneumonia but congestive heart failure. Nothing, not even planning my wedding, could distract or take away the terrible heartbreak as I began accepting that I was losing my father. During a time in which my father was improving and no longer in the hospital + I started seeing other brides begin dress shopping for their 2017 wedding, I decided it was time to embark on my own dress adventure. In January, I began making several appointments with many bridal boutiques around Kentucky. My first call + appointment was with Couture Closet Bridal Boutique in La Grange, Kentucky for January 17th. Unfortunately, at the time my mom also became ill and was unable to attend the appointment with me, however my matron of honor accompanied me. I discovered Couture Closet from a dress that was posted to Facebook from Amy Wallen Reed who coincidentally is also from Eastern Kentucky + ended up doing mine + my husband’s engagement pictures. Having adored her photography style + the dress she posted won me over to give them a call to set up an appointment. Being an extremely indecisive person, there was no way I thought I’d end up making my decision that day when I had so many boutiques left to visit.

     My Matron of Honor + I found the adorable boutique located in the quaint Main Street area of La Grange, + as you step out of the shop onto the street you’ll find the tracks of a still full functioning train! Inside we were welcomed by the warm and loving personality of Tera Davis who had my name on their chalk board as I arrived, welcoming me into their shop + personalizing my experience as soon as I stepped inside. She immediately began getting to know ME. Not just what I was there for, but about my life + how I got to this point. Tera took a genuine interest in my life, my story + what I was looking for in a wedding dress. We talked vintage, long sleeves, non-traditional colors. If my memory serves me correctly she chose 4 or 5 dresses to get me started, + they were all stunning. She personally helped me not only get into each dress but showed me how to use spanks which I had never done before. Earlier on our way to the shop I felt so alone without having my mother there to help or share this magical moment, but regardless if I had left there with a dress or not, Tera did everything in her power to subside those feelings, + with her selfless compassion made me feel so comfortable every step of the way into finding my dream dress.

     The month leading up to my second appointment at Couture Closet had been filled with nothing but absolute stress, worry and anxiety over my father and his declining health. On top of that my mother fell ill with pneumonia + pleurisy from spending so much of time in a hospital with my father. We both were so emotionally, mentally, + physically exhausted. However, God works in mysterious ways + brings people in your life when you need them the most. The moment Tera Davis helped me into the feminine chiffon, A-line Lillian West dress, even if only for a moment, took all my worries away. It was quite literally one of the happiest moments of my life, one God knew I so desperately needed at the time. Even though my mother wasn’t there to share it with me, + even though I knew my father may not live to see it, here God had given me Tera to make me feel like everything in the world was right. Everything about that moment of seeing myself in that dress, my past, my future, + everything in between filled me with so many emotions. But everything about it felt perfect + it ended up being the one I chose to wear on my wedding day.

     In a time of sadness God blessed me with a day full of happiness + joy. He entered a small business into my life that’s continued to make me feel as beautiful + special as I did the day I found my dress. However, their services + kindness didn’t end there. Had it not been for the several pictures Tera took of me in my dress, the day I came in, my father would have never seen it on me before he passed away. If that alone wasn’t reason enough for me to cherish + adore the ladies at Couture Closet, I now own a dress from their boutique that their other owner Lauren prayed over as she does all her brides for their wedding day. It truly doesn’t get anymore special than that.  I wish all the best health, happiness, love + success to them + their incredibly beautiful + compassionate business, + that every bride can feel as important as they made me feel.

Their Love Story:

 My husband + I met May 14th, 2014 in my mother’s garage in Georgetown, KY, it was love at first sight. Having parents who divorced after thirty-eight years of marriage only two years prior had left a huge impact on my own personal love life + I was the last person who would have believed in “love at first sight.” Ironically Brandon + I are both from the same tiny town of Paintsville, KY and I can’t be for certain if I added him on Facebook or if he added me, but I remember how cute he was (still is) + that surely with all these mutual friends in common that maybe one day our paths would cross. Sure, enough it did, + on May 1st Brandon Smith messaged me on Facebook + we continuously talked for two weeks. The day we met was spent sharing our life stories, listening to vinyl records, and drinking some terrible Kentucky Gentleman Bourbon. As we slow danced to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” on vinyl, Brandon kissed me for the first time, + I was smitten as a kitten. Two weeks later we were living together, + then on October 22nd, 2016 he asked me to be his wife. In the time spent before marrying my husband, + even before he asked me to marry him I learned exactly what it was like to be in love. I found “my perfect person” in an imperfect person. With eyes as blue as Paul Newman’s, lips as luscious as Elvis Presley’s, + a heart as big as Texas, Brandon continues to remind me what love is every single day. He accepts me at my best + at my worst, rejoices with me as I’m thriving + comforts me when I am weak. He is more than I could ever dream of, + I can’t thank God enough for making him my husband, + for who I have the honor + privilege of spending my life with.

One the wedding day once getting ready was over + we were finished with “first look” + group pictures, my groom + I headed to Slade, Kentucky to get married. Brandon + I chose Red River Gorge because it is directly between where we met (Lexington) + where we are from (Paintsville.) It is never forgetting where we are from, + it is also looking to where we are, + where we are going in our lives together. The Gorge is also absolutely the most stunning back drop for any season wedding, but particularly in the Fall. It is quite literally having a canvas of colors painted by God himself, surrounding you on every side. Once we had taken pictures at Princess Arch with My Tiny Wedding we made our way back to meet our wedding party at the trail which takes you to Chimney Rock. From that moment of locking arms with my brother, the man who would be giving me away, I knew this moment would change the rest of my life. As he was giving me away he leaned and told me, “There through the clouds is one single streak of light, shinning on you, where you’re standing, and that is our Father here watching over you.” I stood in that light the whole ceremony as I read my vows, and exchanged rings, + ultimately became Mrs. Brittany Higginbotham Smith.

Brandon + I were married + since we weren’t having a traditional reception we had Spalding’s Donuts for our guests set up on picnic tables right there in the woods. As soon as we scarfed those down, we were off to meet with Heather Rous of The End Photography at Shaker Village. Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill will always hold a special place in my heart. Growing up my family and I spent many years celebrating New Year’s Eve there, + dined at the Trustees’ Table where everything is made from seasonal ingredients from their garden and other local farmers. Little did I know years later this would also be where I would be proposed to. That is why after all the madness + chaos of the day, + planning, my husband + I decided to spend an intimate evening where it all began, to unwind + focus on what was important, + that is always each other. During our session with The End Photography, Brandon + I enjoyed a chocolate bourbon pecan pie made from Midway Bakery instead of having a traditional wedding cake. Once our session was through with Heather, we made our way to the Trustees’ Table for dinner where I had a delicious Grilled Pork Rack Chop with roasted sweet potato grits, crispy Brussel sprouts, + charred apple chutney. Brandon enjoyed the Shaker Village Burger which was made from 8 oz. grilled beef, Brioche bun, lettuce, tomato, pickle, fries, and bacon. All which was farm to table. Like most things for Brandon + me, this simple setting over food, with kerosene lamps fluttering in the background was the most perfect part of our day, because it was just us together.

Brittany-Couture Closet-Lillian West-Getting Ready.jpg
Brittany-Couture Closet-Lillian  West-Bridal Party.jpg
Brittany-Couture Closet-Lillian  West-Ceremony.jpg
Brittany-Couture Closet-Lillian  West-First Kiss.jpg
Brittany-Couture Closet-Lillian  West-Bride Field.jpg
Brittany-Couture Closet-Lillian  West-2 Trees.jpg
Brittany-Couture Closet-Lillian  West-Donut.jpg
Brittany-Couture Closet-Lillian  West-Field.jpg
Brittany-Couture Closet-Lillian  West-Swing.jpg
Brittany-Couture Closet-Lillian  West-Pie.jpg
Brittany-Couture Closet-Lillian  West-Creek.jpg

Morning Photography: HMJ Photography // Post Wedding Photography: The End Photography // Ceremony Photography: My Tiny Wedding // Wedding Dress Designer: Lillian West // Flowers: State and Arrow // Hair and MU: Something Blu // Accessories: Southern Glitz // Ceremony Venue: My Tiny Wedding at Red River Gorge // Post Wedding Venue: Shaker Village // Donuts: Spaldings // Wedding Pie: Midway Bakery

annamarie + sam {married}

So this bride is near and dear to us because she is the last of 3 sisters to become a CC Bride!  This is so special because, over the course of several years, this family has come back 3 times to celebrate their love with us!  We can't help but feel a little sad that Annamarie is the last one!  However we are so grateful and honored to be apart of the wedding season in each of these ladies lives.  

Annamarie and Sam had a classic Kentucky Wedding with a little twist of some other Southern Sates that are near and dear to them.  They incorporated some great details, and some Kentucky flare, as well as some food and signature cocktails from Tennessee and Alabama!

Congratulations Annamarie and Sam!  We wish you a lifetime of Love, Happiness, and Adventure!

xo, The Couture Closet Gals

Words from the Bride:

As the third daughter to get married, vendors were easy for me to pick out- especially where to buy my dress! I had shopped in Birmingham and found a dress I really liked, but knew I couldn't pull the trigger on ANYTHING until I had visited the same shop my sisters had found their dresses (and am I so glad I did!!). I loved that I was able to share such an important moment with my sisters and mom, who had their own special moments in the very same shop!

Sam and I met in college at The University of Alabama, so it was really important to incorporate details that paid tribute to the state (and our respective home states as well, Kentucky & Tennessee). Our 'signature drink' was the cocktail of choice at the favorite bar in Tuscaloosa, and we used famous foods from each state to make up our entire menu. Another special detail was our cocktail napkins - since my married last name starts with the same letter as my now-maiden name ("C"), my mom offered us use of the monogrammed rice paper cocktail napkins from their wedding, 36 years ago. It was a wonderful tribute to my parents and their marriage.

Couture Closet-Annamarie-Kentucky Wedding-Lillian West-Details.jpg
Couture Closet-Annamarie-Kentucky Wedding-Lillian West-Custom Straps.jpg
Couture Closet-Annamarie-Kentucky Wedding-Lillian West-Kentucky Bride.jpg
Couture Closet-Annamarie-Kentucky Wedding-Lillian West-Couple Church.jpg
Couture Closet-Annamarie-Kentucky Wedding-Lillian West-Back Shot.jpg
Couture Closet-Annamarie-Kentucky Wedding-Lillian West-Sisters-CCBrides.jpg
Couture Closet-Annamarie-Kentucky Wedding-Lillian West-Sara Gabriel Veil.jpg
Couture Closet-Annamarie-Kentucky Wedding-Lillian West-Bugler.jpg
Couture Closet-Annamarie-Kentucky Wedding-Lillian West-Entrance.jpg
Couture Closet-Annamarie-Kentucky Wedding-Lillian West-First Dance.jpg
Couture Closet-Annamarie-Kentucky Wedding-Lillian West-Groom Singing.jpg
Couture Closet-Annamarie-Send off-Lillian West.jpg
Couture Closet-Annamarie-Kentucky Wedding-Lillian West-Blog.jpg

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Photography: Bella Grace Studios // Dress Designer: Lillian West // Flowers: Country Squire // Venue: Hurstbourne Country Club // Cake: Mert's Cakes // Coordinator: Libby Coxon

amanda + alex + greta {finally a family}

When Amanda came to the shop she found the perfect Lillian West dress to wear when she became a Wife + a Mother!  She had a fairy tale winter wedding and you can tell from the pictures that not only was the wedding about two lives becoming one, it was also about forming a new family! You can just see the love between this sweet trio.  

Congrats to Amanda, Alex, and Greta Grace!  We wish all three of you a lifetime of Love, Laughter, and Adventure together!

xoxo, The Couture Closet Gals

Amanda+Couture Closet+Lillian West+Fur+Duncan Memorial
Amanda+Daughter+Couture Closet+Lillian West
Amanda+Necklace+Lillian West+Couture Closet
Amanda+First Look+Couture Closet+Lillian West
Amanda+Alex+Greta+Couture Closet
Amanda+family+Lillian West+Couture Closet
Amanda+Alex+Married+Lillian West+Couture Closet
Amanda+Wishing Well+Couture Closet+Lillian West
Amanda+Alex+Kiss+Couture Closet
Amanda+CoutureCloset+Blog Badge+Alex

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Photography: Whitney Knutson // Dress Designer: Lillian West // Hair and MU: Audrie Marie Delbridge // Flowers: J. Elizabeth Designs // Ceremony: Duncan Memorial Chapel // Reception: The Village Anchor

madison + austin {married}

After meeting in the 8th grade, Madison + Austin finally tied the knot on New Years Eve!  We LOVE New Years weddings around here with all of the sparkle and festive celebration in the air, but we love that Madison and Austin chose this special day to signify not only a New Year, but also a New Chapter of their lives together!  Surrounded by their family and friends they rang in 2018 and sealed it with a kiss as husband + wife!

This Louisville bride + groom found the perfect place to celebrate at The Butchertown Pointe, she wore a shimmering gown from Lillian West, and he wore all black and then kicked it up a notch with the most amazing Happy New Years suspenders (the best EVER)!

Madison and Austin, we wish you a lifetime of Love, Laughter, Adventure, and many many New Years together!

xoxo, The Couture Closet Gals 

Madison+Lillian West+Butchertown Pointe+Louisville Wedding+Couture Closet
Madison+Butchertown Pointe+Louisville Wedding+La Gartier+Couture Closet
Madison+Lillian West+Couture Closet+Louisville Bride+Butchertown Pointe
Madison+Couture Closet+Kentucky Wedding+Lillian West+Butchertown Pointe
Madison+First Look+Maids+Butchertown Pointe+Louisville Wedding+Couture Closet
Madison+Prayer+Lillian West+Couture Closet+Louisville Bride+
Madison+Austin+Couture Closet+Butchertown Pointe+Lillian West+Louisville Wedding
Madison+Austin+tears+Butchertown Pointe+Louisville Wedding+Couture Closet
Madison+Austin+New Years+Kiss+Louisville Wedding+Butchertown Pointe+Louisville Wedding
Madison+Couture Closet+LillianWest+Blog Badge

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Photography: Complete Louisville // Dress Designer: Lillian West // Venue: The Butchertown Pointe // Flowers: Flourish Decor // Hair and MU: 360 Salon + Spa