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Our Story

We met at Sullivan University, while we were attending college for Travel, Tourism, and Event Management.  During our time there we had a few classes together and one particular "required" an all exclusive Mexican resort trip which, after a few poolside margaritas, put us on our paths to one day becoming business partners and opening Couture Closet! The "required" trip, allowed us, along with several peers, to chat and dig deeper to what we wanted to do one day.  We thought that something was event planning....  However, we learned very quickly after graduating and working events for 1 and 1/2 years, that we both enjoyed what we had done before.... which was retail.  So things rapidly progressed.  We were young, and determined {and more than a little naive}.  We found an incredible investor who believed {& still believes} in us and helped our dream come true.  It was about 8 months of planning before we opened our doors {nearly 10 years ago} on January 2, 2007.  

Thankfully, we both had the same vision of how a business should run.  Incredible customer service was top priority for both of us. After that we wanted to be friends rather than sales people, to be a business that is ethical, and most important, create an environment where a bride feels completely comfortable and stress free when shopping for THE dress.  We also vowed to show some love to young entrepreneurs when they had something wonderful.  We didn't realize 10 years ago, that THIS was our first baby or that Couture Closet would become what it is today.  That we would still get emotional over brides we've worked with and the emails and cards we get hearing about their experience with us...reminding us how happy we are to have taken this crazy leap. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, it means the world to us!!!!!  To both of our families, friends {whether long term or recent}, brides and fellow vendors, we appreciate all the support over these past 10 years.  We LOVE what we do, and we are grateful for each of you and can't wait to to see what the next 10 years bring!.

Cheers to many more years and many happy brides!

Lauren Montgomery+Couture Closet

Lauren Montgomery, co-owner

Wife to my handsome Fire Fighting husband, Mommy to my 2 beautiful children, sister, daughter, aunt, friend and business partner.  I have so many titles but I hope above all that I get to spread a little love, happiness, and kindness around to all of those I come across. I am so very very blessed and so happy that God gave me this wonderful wild life I live! 

I love Starbucks Iced Mocha (non fat no whip), Diet Coke, Pizza, & Sushi (spicy tuna and Sunday Morning Rolls).  I love to read,  I have several books I can read over and over so if you ever need a good book suggestion, let me know.  I love to write, blogs, stories, essays you name it....  Have a passion to learn all the time about everything.  I can stay up for hours and hours researching things! I am a bit of an NPR junkie. I love to Kayak, camp, and hike (although I don't get to do those nearly enough).  Of course love to shop, decorate, and entertain!  

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Tera Davis+Couture Closet

Tera Davis, co-owner

Mommy to two little rascals that make me smile and keep life busy.  Wife to Shawn for 7 years and gotta get credit for the 8 years we dated prior to saying "I Do"!!! Have 3 incredible sisters...I am really so blessed.  I have learned so much from each of them.  Grateful for parents who taught me work hard, dream big, be compassionate, and stand up for yourself!

I love being creative.  I am really big into Personal Development right now and making sure I see the positive in every situation. Enjoy taking my kiddos on adventures, they certainly bring magic to my life.  My all time favorite food is Pizza, especially gourmet pizza.  I LOVE to take various classes and have an interest in learning carpentry and woodworking.  That is on my to do list.  Nature always has my back to refuel me when I am a bit drained.  So grateful.  I like to be around good, genuine people, and last but not least....I LOVE MY JOB!

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