Coming Soon...Wedding Dresses from Ti Adora

Calling all the 2019 & 2020 Brides we want to give you a sneak peek of bridal gowns that will arrive at our boutique by Spring 2019. Ti Adora by Allison Webb designs for the modern romantic. You’ll find a touch of eternalness, femininity, + details that you are sure to make you swoon. We are head over heels for their wedding dresses + can’t wait for them to arrive.

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Hope you love them as much as we do!!!


Devany by Ti Adora

Devany by Ti Adora

Poppy by Ti Adora

Poppy by Ti Adora

Mercer by Ti Adora

Mercer by Ti Adora

Riva by Ti Adora

Riva by Ti Adora

Florence by Ti Adora

Florence by Ti Adora

Elopement vs. Destination vs. Pop Up Weddings

So with all these different type of wedding titles being thrown around we were getting a little confused about the difference between Elopement (which is becoming increasingly popular), Destination Weddings (which are sometimes used interchangeably with Elopement), + the new Pop-Up Weddings we are hearing so much about.  So we went straight to the expert to shed some light on these wedding buzzwords. 

Meet Maggie Heely, the amazing boss lady behind Weekend Wedding Warriors + Elope Louisville. This lady knows her stuff + agreed to help us, help you!  


Can you tell us the difference between Destination Weddings, Elopements, + Pop Up Weddings?

The traditional definitions + the modern definitions of these can be very different.  

Destination Wedding: A wedding ceremony + reception where travel is required + guests need accommodations to attend.

Elopement, TRADITIONAL: A wedding ceremony done in secret with just the couple present, typically without parental consent.

Elopement, MODERN: A wedding ceremony done to escape the norm, typically with a very small guest count or no guests at all.

Pop Up Weddings: (1) A wedding that surprises the guests. Either the guests don’t know they are attending a wedding until they get there OR it is only announced a few days in advance so the guests have little time to prepare. (2) I have also heard this term used for “mass” or “group” weddings, where multiple couples get married at a temporary venue at the same time. 

Give us a rundown on what exactly this new trend of Pop Up Weddings is all about?

I’m going to go with definition #1 to answer this. If you are wanting a pop up wedding you’ll need to plan a ceremony with a little reception afterwards. You’ll need an officiant, photographer, maybe some flowers, music, + food. Then invite your guests to an engagement or birthday party…basically lie ;) Then when they all get there, show up in a wedding gown and/or tux + get married! Some people will miss it because they didn’t realize it was going to be a wedding, but it is supposed to be laid back + casual.

Why would you want to consider a Pop Up Wedding?

If you are wanting to do something totally different from all your other friends. If you don’t care about all the traditions. If your family + friends are driving you nuts with wedding planning requests + demands. If you want to make the statement, “this is about what we want, not what you want.” If you are spontaneous + adventurous. Then a pop up wedding could be for you!

CC Bride Julia | Dress Designer  Blush by Hayley Paige  | Photographer  Claire + Barrett

CC Bride Julia | Dress Designer Blush by Hayley Paige | Photographer Claire + Barrett

How can someone decide which one of these three are right for them?

The question you have to ask your self is, “Who do I want around me on my wedding day?” If the answer is, “No one but my fiancé”, then a traditional elopement is right for you. If the answer is, “Just a couple of VIP family members + friends”, then the modern definition of an elopement works for you (also known as a “Micro Wedding”). If the answer is, “Whoever can make it to my favorite city/island” then a destination wedding is right for you.

CC Bride Sue | Dress Designer  Lillian West  | Photography by Bella Portwe

CC Bride Sue | Dress Designer Lillian West | Photography by Bella Portwe

A few years ago the term "Destination Wedding" was usually directly linked to a tropical location, now a Destination Wedding means anywhere that isn't your hometown.  What are some trends you are seeing in Destination Weddings recently?

Destination weddings can be anywhere. If you need a hotel room then you are having a destination wedding. One of the trends we are seeing is destination weddings in Louisville, which we love! We worked with a couple who lived in Seattle, she was from Miami, + he was from Michigan. They were bourbon lovers who wanted to find a location in the middle so that no one was traveling too far…Louisville was perfect. 

Photography by  Love Hunters  | Flowers by  Rose + Honey  | Coordination by  Elope Louisville

Photography by Love Hunters | Flowers by Rose + Honey | Coordination by Elope Louisville

Why do you think more + more couples are considering Elopements? Are you noticing that they are still pulling out a lot of the stops such as amazing floral arrangements, a full on wedding dress, hair + makeup, + a really good photographer?

I think finances have a lot to do with why people are considering elopements. Our families and society are changing. Not every Bride has parents who have saved money for her big dream wedding. Maybe because they paid for college, maybe because they just don’t have the funds, maybe because that just isn’t how they want to spend their money. That means that more + more couples are paying for their own weddings + they are getting smart. They don’t want to spend $30,000 if they don’t need to. They want to buy a house, travel, buy cars, pay off student loans. An elopement can be just as beautiful, it’s just on a much smaller scale. I have had a few elopements still pull out all the stops, but they only need 1 bouquet, and 3 centerpieces, and 3 hours of photography vs. 5 bouquets, 3 corsages, 25 centerpieces, and 8 hours of photography. It’s just math! The less people + the less time, the less money. You can have a gorgeous elopement for $5,000-$15,000 depending on the location. That’s a big difference from the national average wedding cost at $32,000.

CC Bride Erin | Dress Designer  Ti Adora  | Photography  Erin + Geoffrey

CC Bride Erin | Dress Designer Ti Adora | Photography Erin + Geoffrey

Why would someone consider an Elopement?

You should consider an elopement if you truly want your wedding day to be completely focused on you + who you are marrying. Your time, your people, your money, your way.

CC Bride Allyson | Dress Designer  Jasmine Collection  | Photography  Anna May

CC Bride Allyson | Dress Designer Jasmine Collection | Photography Anna May

How can hiring a wedding coordinator help with all three types of these weddings?

Hiring a wedding coordinator is always going to be helpful + we are consistently told after all types of weddings that, “You were the best money we spent.” This is because a wedding coordinator becomes the point person to handle all the logistics which allows you, your family, and your friends to be able to be present + enjoy your wedding day. For a destination wedding, I would highly recommend hiring a wedding coordinator that lives in the area that you are getting married in. It takes a long time to understand the secrets, tips, + vendor culture in any city/location. Someone who lives there + has been doing weddings there for awhile will be able to guide you to the things that you want more quickly + easily then bringing in someone from out of town. For an elopement, micro wedding, or pop up, though on a much smaller scale, they typically have multiple vendors that need to have a point person to help manage it all. Your wedding coordinator is that professional person. At Weekend Wedding Warrior we have a service called Elope Louisville. Elope Louisville are curated packages in Louisville that have everything you need + it is directed by your taste. Want traditional Kentucky Bluegrass? We have a partnership with Hermitage Farms. Are you more into art? We have partnerships with Speed Art Museum and 21C Museum Hotel. Included in all of our packages is the venue, getting ready location, personal flowers (e.g. bouquet and boutonniere) ceremony officiant, photography, + coordination. We also have fantastic add-ons like hair/makeup, transportation, videography, design. etc. We deliberately made sophisticated options with seasoned, fantastic vendors, so that any couple can quickly, easily, + affordably have a dream wedding day + focus on what we think is the most important thing…getting married. Packages start at $2400 and are classier and way prettier then Vegas! 

CC Bride Brittany | Dress Designer  Lillian West  | Photography  My Tiny Wedding

CC Bride Brittany | Dress Designer Lillian West | Photography My Tiny Wedding

Anything else to add?

Elope Louisville all started because a girl I grew up with in New York contacted me after a whirlwind romance. Her fiance was stationed in Japan and home in NY on leave + they decided they wanted to get married before he had to return to Japan. The problem was that in New York you need to have your birth certificates to get married. His was with his personal files in Japan. They wanted to elope in a location that had lenient guidelines for getting a marriage license…but they didn’t want the atmosphere of Las Vegas. Did you know that in Kentucky you can get a marriage license with only 1 form of identification? Meaning all you need is your drivers license and you can walk into a County Clerk’s office + apply for a marriage license. There is also no waiting period, so you can apply for your license at 9am and get married at 10am if you want to! This is very unique, since many states need certain types and multiple forms of identification + they have a waiting period. That means that if you were flying in you need to be there at least 24 hours earlier so that your application is approved…+ that is if you can get there when the Clerk’s office is open (Mon-Fri business hours).  We want Louisville to be the sophisticated alternative to eloping in Las Vegas {but there is nothing wrong with Vegas y'all!}

Maggie, Thank you soooooo much for shedding some light on these alternatives to the traditional wedding!  We agree that Louisville needs to become the Elopement destination of the South East!  How awesome would that be!? 

Whatever way you decide to get married just know that we think it is awesome no matter what!  From a Micro-Pop-Up-Destination-Elopement to a traditional wedding in a church with a ballroom reception you are going to MARRIED in the end + that's what matters most!

xoxo, The Couture Closet Gals

being a "mom bride"

There is nothing lovelier than catching a sweet moment between a mother + her child.  When you put the "Mom" topic into a wedding scenario, your mind will go straight to moments between the bride + her mother while the mother of the bride is zipping up the back of her dress.  Or a sweet Mother/Daughter embrace before she walks down the aisle.  But what about those brides who are Moms on their wedding day?  If you are a Mother yourself, then you know that you never get a day off, even if that day is "supposed" to be all about you + your husband to be.  Yes, even on your wedding day you still have little humans that are counting on you! Momming is a precious gift, even if it doesn't feel like it sometimes.  To be able to be a Mom + a Bride on your wedding day? Well..... We think that is something so so beautiful! 

Equally as beautiful, is BECOMING a Mom on your wedding day!  Saying "I Do" not only to your husband but to an instant family!  How amazing is that!!?? Or maybe you are blending your family with your husbands family + now your are a Mom to more children than you started the day with!  However you "Mommed" on your wedding day we think it is something truly special! 

So CHEERS + Happy Mothers Day to all our Mom Brides out there!  Y'all are Rockstars + we love you ladies to the moon!  

And to all our brides that are now Moms, to our own mothers, + to all of the mothers of our beautiful CC Brides, Happy Mothers Day to you too!

xoxo, The Couture Closet Gals!


Mom Bride Lindsey

These photos by Sarah Babian Photography are just stunning!  If it weren't for being a Mom Lindsey would have never met her husband Zachary!  These two met at the play place inside Chick-Fil-A.  Both of them had a daughter around the same age + the rest is history!  Now Lindsey is a Momma of 2 precious little ladies!

Mom Bride Erin

These are just stunning photos of a family Elopement to Yosemite National Park.  Erin has a son + so does her husband, Hunter.  Just the 4 of them set off on a National Park adventure to become a family of four!  ALLLLLLL the heart melts for these guys! And you all, the pictures of her little dude zipping up her dress is just the sweetest thing we think we have ever seen!  Photography by Erin + Geoffery.

Mom Bride Amber

This lady is just the sweetest! Here is Amber helping her sweet daughters get ready before she gets dressed herself.  The last shot is just so precious!  Even though you may still want to party the night away, little heads get sleepy + just want their Mommy to snuggle with them. So glad Amber took a moment to do just that, if only to get this perfect wedding day memory.   

Mom Bride Shauna

This beautiful Mom Bride has a son, her husband has a daughter.  The bride + groom didn't want to see each other before the wedding so they each chose to do a "first look" with their kids.  Shauna helped her new daughter get ready + her son went with her groom to get ready.  When everyone was dolled up, Daddy + Daughter had a private moment, then Mother + Son did as well.  They all met at the altar to become a family of 4 together!  Photography by Jordan Bibb Photography.

Mom Bride Amanda

Amanda spent time to her soon to be daughter while she got ready for her big day.  Helping her get dressed and put on some lipstick.  Then Amanda gave her a sweet little necklace and a letter that promised to love her like her own.  Bride, Groom, and Daughter became a family of 3 + Amanda became a Mom right then + there! Photography by Whitney Knutson

why we heart Sara Gabriel Veils and Accessories

So if you follow us on Social Media you may have seen all our posts with stunning CC Brides sporting their Sara Gabriel Accessories.  You may have seen us tag @SaraGabrielVeils in TONS of posts, and you may have even seen our "Why Wednesday" this week on Instagram where we expose our Girl Crush on Sara and her team.  If you did see that post you may just want to scroll down and just take a look at all the pretties we have below because I am just going to gush about all the same things you saw on our Why Wednesday post on Instagram.  

We started carrying Sara Gabriel's collections 11 years ago when we very first opened the shop!  And after many many designers coming and going over those 11 years, Sara Gabriel is the only one that has stood the test of time at Couture Closet.  Her designs are both timeless and edgy, she has super glam pieces, and super whimsical pieces.  Veils that are very Vintage inspired and ones that are so so modern!  If you are looking for a statement piece of Jewelry or a headpiece that will be center stage, then she has it!  On top of all her cutting edge and timeless heirloom quality accessories this chick is AMAZING!  She makes all her accessories in the US, by hand, and for each individual bride as we order them.  So when we say your accessory is made just for you, it really and truly is.  It even comes in extraordinary packaging with your name on it!  We are so grateful to Sara and her team for making such unique and high quality pieces that our brides can pass down to their daughters or daughter-in-laws.  

We could keep going and going but I would bet you want to see some of these pretties we are so in love with!

XOXO, Lauren

P.S. Read all about Sara and her journey {HERE}

This is Sara!

This is Sara!

This is the Sara Gabriel "Samantha" Duet.  This piece can be worn at the waist or in your hair!

This is the Sara Gabriel "Samantha" Duet.  This piece can be worn at the waist or in your hair!

The Sara Gabriel "Melissa" Veil is the perfect romantic lace veil.

The Sara Gabriel "Melissa" Veil is the perfect romantic lace veil.

The "Stephanie" earrings are super dramatic. And all of Sara's jewelry comes in Silver, Rose Gold and Yellow Gold!  

The "Stephanie" earrings are super dramatic. And all of Sara's jewelry comes in Silver, Rose Gold and Yellow Gold!  

The "Josephine" Head Wrap is such a glam statement piece!

The "Josephine" Head Wrap is such a glam statement piece!

The "Peyton" Birdcage is a favorite around here!

The "Peyton" Birdcage is a favorite around here!

The "Josephine" necklace is an incredible addition to any strapless dress! 

The "Josephine" necklace is an incredible addition to any strapless dress! 


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11 Years of Your Favorite Gowns

We get asked constantly what wedding gown is our "Best Seller".  We can immediately point out a couple from our collection that are fan favorites, and a few that are being said "YES" to a lot.  This question started a discussion the other day about our most popular wedding gowns throughout the 11 years we have been in business.  It was fun to reminisce over these older wedding dresses and we decided it would be even more fun to track down images of these gowns and show them to you!  With each successful Google Image search we could remember the little details of each dress and even the brides who said yes to them!  

These wedding dresses aren't in the shop anymore but we still have a place for them in our hearts!  It was like looking at pictures of old friends!  Haha!!! 

xoxo, The Couture Closet Gals

Juno by Augusta Jones

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the groom {Valentines day edition}

So, you all know the scene.  The groom waits at the alter, the music starts, the doors swing open and everyone stands and turns to watch the bride walk down the aisle.  Well, I don't do that.  When everyone stands and faces the opening doors I always stay turned to the front and watch the groom as his bride walks toward him.  And whether he has a goofy grin, or he is wiping away tears, or holding them back, that moment never disappoints. Seeing him watch his future walk to him is one of the best moments of the day for me as a wedding guest!  Here are a few of our stunning #CCBride's grooms, and their reactions during that magical moment!

xo, Lauren (and the CC Gals)

Deric + Abby // Photography by  Megg Allison

Deric + Abby // Photography by Megg Allison

Sawyer + Parrin //  Photography by Beca C

Sawyer + Parrin // Photography by Beca C

Kevin + Rachel // Photography by Ebby L //  See Kevin + Rachel's wedding HERE

Kevin + Rachel // Photography by Ebby L // See Kevin + Rachel's wedding HERE

Mike + Sue // Photography by Belle Portwe Photography

Mike + Sue // Photography by Belle Portwe Photography

Jordan + Melissa //  Photography by Lang Thomas

Jordan + Melissa // Photography by Lang Thomas