The Couture Closet Story

About us and how the Couture Closet Bridal shop came to be.


Our Story


We met at Sullivan University, while we were attending college for Travel, Tourism, + Event Management.  During our time there we had a few classes together + one particular "required" an all exclusive Mexican resort trip which, after a few poolside margaritas, put us on our paths to one day becoming business partners + opening Couture Closet! The "required" trip, allowed us, along with several peers, to chat + dig deeper into what we wanted to do one day.  We thought that "something" was event planning....  However, we learned very quickly after graduating + working events for almost 2 years, that we both enjoyed what we had done before.... which was retail.  So things rapidly progressed.  We were young + determined {+ more than a little naive}.  We found an incredible investor who believed {+ still believes} in us to help make our dreams come true.  It took about 8 months of learning + planning before we opened our doors on January 2, 2007.  

Thankfully, we both had the same vision of how a business should run.  Incredible customer service was top priority for both of us. After that we wanted to be friends rather than sales people, to be a business that is ethical, + most important, create an environment where a bride feels completely comfortable + stress free when shopping for her dress. We also promised to show some love to young entrepreneurs when they had something wonderful that we believed in.  We didn't realize over 11 years ago, that THIS was our first baby or that Couture Closet would become what it is today. That we would still get emotional over brides we've worked with, that the emails + cards we get hearing about their experience with us...reminds us how happy we are to have taken this crazy leap. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, it means the world to us!!!!!  To both of our families, friends {whether long term or recent}, brides + fellow vendors, we appreciate all the support over these past years.  We LOVE what we do, we are grateful for each of you + can't wait to to see what the next season brings!

Cheers to many more years + many more happy #CCbrides!


Lauren Montgomery, co-owner

Hey there!  I am Lauren, one of the heartbeats behind Couture Closet!  I am a Wife, Mommy, Business Owner, sister, daughter, + friend.  These are all labels that describe WHAT I am but not really WHO I am.  To get down to the nitty gritty you need to know that I am fueled by the Word of God, Starbucks Iced Mocha’s, + a never-ending desire to keep learning. I have a passion to serve people, make their day better, love on them + bring a smile to their face or an ear if they need to talk.  I am a writer, a collector of Love Stories, + a student of the Gospel.  I love to read, kayak, snuggle my kids, shop, cook, eat really good food, + watch movies with my husband.

The ones that call me Momma are Finn (8) + Piper (4). These two are my biggest accomplishments + my biggest challenges.  They make me laugh + cry, celebrate + even cuss a little (haha)! My husband Brendan is my rock, best friend + partner.  We have done life together for the last 19 years (high school sweethearts), + even on really hard days we are each others #1 cheerleader first + foremost.  There is no other person I would rather explore life’s adventures and there is no other life I would want to lead.  The place I am now is the place I am supposed to be today.  Tomorrow might look different but that is what is so exciting about this wild + beautiful life we are given!


Tera Davis, co-owner

Hello! I am Tera, the other heartbeat behind Couture Closet. Love is my jam. Connection + creating incredible stories is a huge part of me. Nearly every day I listen to an inspiring podcast…so happy these were invented + cheers to the courageous ones that took the leap to host them! One of my favorites is Brooke Castillo with The Life Coach School....if you’re curious.
I have two boys, Simon + Everett, 4 and 5 years old. I know they will be some of my greatest teachers. I am married to Shawn, who I met at age Target when I worked there. Yes, real life…can’t ya find some of the best things there?!?! After dating for 7 years, we tied the knot in 2010. He’s one of the most loyal + accepting people I know and I love him for that. My all-time favorite food is gourmet pizza. I love to create, take classes, I have an untapped passion for woodworking + an interest in mentoring youth on the power of a healthy mind. I look forward to exploring those. I genuinely LOVE what I do as my “job”. The moments of rawness, truth telling, ah ha, + friendship that can happen in 90 minute appointments with brides, makes me tear up now. I feel really grateful for this experience. While not mine or anyone else’s life is perfect, this journey of ours is what we create it to be. Search for the beauty!