Brittany's dream dress

Yesterday we received an email from CC Bride, Brittany.  Unfortunately, we were unable to read it until today....but we wanted to share this sweet story.  With our job and the role we are in, we often times get to be linked to this emotional purchase.  Of course, as you would's usually HAPPY emotions.  And sometimes, there are other emotions, some good and some tough.  We have experienced some tragedies, heartache, loss, and simply tough stuff for one person to bear.  But, with out a shadow of a doubt...our relationships with our brides mean so much to us and being this person that you get to think back on helping you find THE dress is an honor!  We hope that every bride who has been a "CC bride" and all the future ones know we are always there for you, we have your back, and vow to make this a wonderful memorable experience.  Below you will find Brittany's perspective on shopping for her dress and how she wanted to keep her late Grandmother Helen close to her heart on her Big Day.


Hello ladies,

I just wanted to say thank you and share a photo and story with you.

Before I went to CC, I looked around on various websites for dresses. There was this one dress that I kept seeing and I had added it to my favorites on 3 different apps. One day I was looking at the dress again and I saw that it was named Helen. I immediately started to cry when I saw this because I had been wanting to find a way to remember my late grandmother on my wedding day and I had just found it.

When I was at CC, I asked Tera if they carried this dress. She said unfortunately they did not but they had just recently received a dress that looked almost identical to the dress I was looking for. Tera pulled the dress for me and l picked 3 other dresses that I wanted to try on. She told me that she wanted me to pick the first one I tried on so I picked the one that was similar to the Helen dress I was looking for. She asked me why I was looking for this particular dress named Helen so I told her the story.

I LOVED the dress! It was everything I was looking for and I wanted to say yes but I was still thinking about the Helen dress. I think Tera could see all this on my face so she told me to go to other boutiques and see what else was out there and think about it.

I didn't find my Helen dress at any other boutiques but I kept thinking about the dress I loved at CC. I called Tera to see if I could come back that day and try it on again. They said of course so we drove back to the boutique that day. I tried the dress on again and I couldn't stop grinning, I was all smiles. Tera asked if I could see myself getting married in this and I was instantly transported to the church staring at Ben waiting at the altar. Of course I immediately started crying and said yes!

Tera and I went back into the dressing room to take it off. She told me that at the CC when a dress comes in and it is not named, they like to name the dress after the first bride who buys it. She said that I was the first bride to ever try this dress on and to buy it. She told me that she wanted me to have my Helen dress so instead of naming the dress Brittany, she was going to name the dress Helen and sell it in the boutique as Helen. We both just started crying.

Words can not express my gratitude to Tera and the girls at CC for giving me my Helen dress. I desperately wished my grandmother was with me on my wedding day. By giving my wedding dress her name, you allowed my grandmother to be with me every step of the way on the most amazing day of my life. Thank you so much for giving me the perfect way to remember my grandmother on my wedding day.

I am sending this email to you today because today would have been my grandmother's birthday.

Brittany Hughes


Photo by: Crystal Ludwig Photo // Flowers: The Desired Effect, LLC //Dress: Lillian West

So we are sending some shout out love to Grandma Helen!!!!


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