over-shopping for your wedding gown {it's a thing}

There is some really great wedding advice out there and this article from Brides.com might be the best wedding dress shopping advice we’ve seen!  Dress + accessory designer Jaclyn Jordan gives some great advice about what it means to over shop and how all of us are guilty of it with all the platforms out there to look at wedding gowns!  We suggest reading the whole article but we are going to give you the CliffsNotes version below.

Do some research BEFORE you shop

Use Pinterest for IDEAS of style, feel, fabrics, and silhouettes. Not for dresses you MUST try.

Come with the intention to buy

You never know when the perfect dress is going to find it’s way into your fitting room and you don’t want to loose that saying yes to the dress moment.

Know your budget

Set your budget before you start the shopping process. You don’t want to fall in love with a gown and then realize that your gown budget is half of the price tag.

Listen to yourself and not your entourage

Do YOU like it? Do YOU want to wear it when you become a wife??? Is it YOUR dress?

Once you say yes, stop shopping

You might think this is a no brain-er but seriously. Once you say YES and make the purchase, you need to stop looking at wedding gowns.

We hope you read the full article because it gives so much insight into how you can easily over shop and loose all the fun you are supposed to have while dress shopping!

xo, The Couture Closet Gals