Wedding Planning Checklist

Two of our local favorites, teamed up to create this amazing and well thought out Wedding Planning Checklist.  Every time I look at a wedding checklist I find myself saying, "You should totally do that 10 months out not 6 month out," or "The seamstress needs more time than that," or even "ALL THE PHOTOGRAPHERS WILL BE BOOKED BY THAT TIME!"  This time I read it over and thought to myself, well dang those Weekend Wedding Warriors know whats up!  But that didn't surprise me one bit because I already knew they are the Rock Stars of the Wedding Community in Louisville.  Then they outdid themselves and collabed with Riley + Ko {The artists of our fabulous Welcome sign in front of our shop} to make the Wedding Planning Check List BEAUTIFUL with amazing hand calligraphy!  So take a look at this and then click HERE to download and print it out FOR FREE, so you can keep yourself on schedule!  

Weekend Wedding Warrior Checklist P1
Weekend Wedding Warrior Checklist P2